Remember Jeff?  Or if not Jeff then his back?  Jeff a few months  ago on the left, Jeff this afternoon on the right.  Amazing?


Guess what?  I found something that helps with the flies.  It is working well.  Does not get all of them but helps out a lot.

 Aug 25 2009 a 001

This is Cherline.  She is 5 months old.  She has kwashiorkor.  Her family has been feeding her flour water.  No protien=kwashiorkor


Her little feet are so swollen.

Sept 12 2009 a 128

This is Esterline. She is 2 years old and weighs 18 pounds.  She has a very bad case of kwashiorkor.  Her dad carried her almost 8 hours to get here.  When I walked into the room to see her she looked so terrible.  I talked to the dad for a long time and he said he loved her too much to leave her.  I put my hands on the mans shoulders and said sir, your daughter has only a slim chance of survival.  We have to do something now.  I can send you home with food and medication, send you to another hospital, or try and help her here.  The choice is your today.    He thought a long time and said he loved her so much and would rather she die in his arms then without him.  I invited him to stay with us.  He agreed.  He stayed for three days with her and then decided to leave.  What a hard decision.  She made me cry, which does not happen to often.



This is Brinel.  He is 2 years old and weighs 17 pounds.  This is his first time with kwashiorkor.

Brinel6This is Frando.  He has a high fever and seizures.  He is also very malnourished.  


This little boys has TB in his stomach.  He was getting treatment in one of the best hospital here in Haiti.  His papa said it was not a “malade doctor” (a sickness for a doctor to cure) and made the mother remove him from the hospital.  We cannot take him in with all the other children and the hospital will most likely take him back.  His future is certain death if not treated soon.  The rag tied around his arm you ask?  They put him on a horse when they removed him from the hospital to travel back to their home.  He fell off the horse and broke his arm.   It has been broken for over a week now.Sept 12 2009 a 066

This is Monel.  His mother died in child birth and Sonel mother (Sonel went out of a medical visa for club feet), picture with the child brought him to the clinic last week.  He has 6 siblings and weighs 5 pounds.


This is Monica.  She is 2 years old and weighs around 12 pounds.  She is so tiny.   Monica4

This is Enel.  He 14 months old and weighs 17 1/2 pounds.  He is suffering from kwashiorkor.  His mother left him with grandma 6 months ago.  She went to find work.  She did not find work and did not return to see her son for 6 months.  Grandma thought we would not take him into the RC with out the mother being present.  She came back only after the family told her he was almost dead.  She brought him straight to the clinic.  His legs are split open in several places.  They are leaking fluid.  He kwashiorkor is severe.  Pray for him.




Tomorrow Anna ( the new teacher)  will arrive in Haiti.  She is leaving this evening from CA.  Pray for safe travels for her.  We also have  two visitors coming over night tomorrow.  If you have a extra minute say a prayer for Carmelo tomorrow around 9 to 12.  Lori will be running the show solo without me tomorrow, I have to go into town for the day. 

Update on the semi trailer, there was $500 donated today!  Yeah that is two more pallets sponsored!

Also do not forget to check out the Livesay blog.  They are at the three week count down for raising funds for the medika mamba.  Another matching grant has been offered.  The children pictured above will be affected by medika mamba.  They will be given it eachday until they reached their goal weight.  It works and it is saving lives.  If you have given we thank you.  We can all make a difference.=


One Response to Updates

  1. tara says:

    Praying for your teacher … praying for your boys to click with her and for all to fall into a great and easy pattern for teaching/learning — praying for you and Lori today, tomorrow … every day. Much love from here. (What happened at the Embassy???)

    praying praying praying –

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