April 8 2009 a 022

I  have answered many, many questions since yesterday afternoon.  They have all been wonderful questions.  How big is the bathroom on the airplane?  Where does the pee go after you flush it?  There is a TV on the airplane?  How is that possible?  They give you something to drink?  That is so cool?  Seatbelts…that is weird.   I asked him what he wanted to eat first.  He said a cheeseburger from McDonald’s.  He does not know what McDonalds is but know Henley and Trey think it is cool.  I told him you can buy it at the airport.  He said they sell food in the airport?  Cool!  He is really interested in Wal-Mart.  He had heard a lot of people talk about it.  How do you explain a store like that.  I said it is a big building full of everything you could ever need.  You stand at one end and you cannot see the other end of the building.  Where will we sleep?  I always talk about how I miss fountain pop.  He said do I get to drink fountain pop? 

Dad has looked into ticket prices today.   He found tickets for $786.oo  a piece.  Please if anyone is interested in helping out with this current need let me know at licia@realhopeforhaiti.org.  We are getting excited!


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  1. Keverly says:

    Ahhhh!! That’s just so fun and exciting!!! =D!

  2. jeanne says:

    It happened!!!!!!! I am so excited for all of you!!! Tell Carmello to get some good ice cream for me :):) Love you all!! jeanne

  3. Sandy Kinnaman says:

    So excited for you all. Can hardly wait to meet the “famous” Carmelo. I cannot imagine what will go through his mind as he travels to the land of your birth. Wow! Praise God, He is so good and is always right on time. Looking forward to seeing you both. I know God wouldn’t get the Visa if there weren’t funds out there to provide for the trip. You are in my prayers.

    Love you, Sandy

  4. Rob says:

    I know you are excited to show him all around Indiana! He will be so excited to experience it all for the first time. I am anxious to meet him! Look forward to seeing you as well! Safe Travels!

  5. T. says:

    The flight money will show up. No doubts.

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