Anna arrived on Tuesday.  She has been settling in and meeting everyone here at RHFH.   We are so glad that she is here with us.  The boys are excited to start a new school year.

Sept 18 2009 a 001

Here is where the will be doing school.

Sept 12 2009 a 088

These are all the books that they have to get through this coming year!  Everyone is excited about school starting on Monday!

Sept 12 2009 a 085

RHRH does a school sponsorship program with around 80 children in the community.  A donation of $250 per year or $20 per month will pay for a child to go to school for a year.  This includes everything that they need socks, books, uniform, notebooks, all school supplies, shoes, bookbag, and their actual school fee for the year.  We buy all the books at a supplier in P-au-P.  The is one small group of the books that have to be sorted and matched with the kids.

Sept 12 2009 a 137

Here are a few of the kids from the school year with their books.

Sept 13 2009 a 083

Sept 13 2009 a 087

One of our cameras stopped working this week.  We had to get an old one out for back-up.  I found this picture of Keverly and her dad on the camera.  This is the day that we were taking Daphca into town to live.

Sept 13 2009 a 030


3 Responses to

  1. Kristy says:

    how exciting!! What cirriculum did you used this year?

  2. Laura Morris says:

    IS this baby Daphca who was abandoned at the clinic? I have been praying for that little girl since that day!!! Did you find her family???

  3. Lorenda says:


    THANK YOU for praying for Daphca!! I don’t know if you’ll see this message — I hope so! We just sent all of the dossier translated from Spanish to English to French to Haiti! It took us four months to get all of that ready, and now it could be up to two years of waiting. We pray not!! So, if you’ve been praying for Daphca, thank you and please keep praying! We are Keverly’s parents and we began this process while Keverly was still in Haiti. Keverly misses Daphca so much (as well as Licia and Lori and their families and others). Daphca has a family waiting for her in the Lord’s time, but we are so blessed to know that in the meantime Daphca is being well cared for in a great home in Port-au-Prince with Christians in her life. The Lord is carrying her!! THANK YOU!!

    Licia and Lori,
    It is so good to see Anne with the boys and in the clinic/rescue. She seems wonderful — an answer to prayer. You sure know how to help people jump right in! What a life! We are praying for her and you all so much. The Lord is faithful to keep you at the front of our hearts and minds. We love you. It is actually hard not having Keverly there with you. Her heart is there!


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