Yesterday morning before clinic opened at 7am.  A lady came that had been following in clinic during her pregnancy.  She knew that she was having twins and she already had a reference letter to go into a hospital to have them.  She decided not to go into town and have them at her house.  She delivered one a 3am and was unable to deliver the other child.  The family carried her on a bed to the clinic.  We do not do deliveries unless it is an emergency.  We hired a tap-tap and sent her into town with a staff member and funds that she would need. 

 About 8:30am another lady came that was in labor.  She was 19 years old and had only been to see the doctor one time.  Her whole body was swollen and she was not doing well.  She was in labor but we had time to get her into the hospital.  We call the tap-tap that was sent in before with the staff member and they were on their way back.  So we began getting everything ready for her to go into the hospital.  The tap-tap arrived and we were trying to find her family members who had taken off and left here.  She let out a loud yell and we check and saw a head.  We all began to get ready for a birth.  I had not had time to ask Anna ( the new teacher) if she liked medical things, but I thought I might as well ask her to join us. So we were all in there and she delivered a 5 pound baby girl.  Every thing went well.  Then we looked at her stomach and it was still larger than normal.    The mother had some other health concerns as well.  Anyway about 10 minutes later here comes two little feet out.  Another girl 4 pounds 12 ounces.  Both are healthy and well.

Staff members checking out the babies

Sept 17 2009 c 002

Anna cutting the cord.

Sept 17 2009 c 001

The mom and the twins

Sept 17 2009 c 005Sept 17 2009 c 006


8 Responses to Twins

  1. Stephanie says:

    Two sets of twins in one day, wow! I hope the other mother and her babies are doing fine as well. These are two little beauties. What a special blessing.

  2. kathy says:


  3. Caroline says:

    absolutely DYING that I was not there!!!!!! What an exciting day!!!!!!!!

  4. Keverly says:

    So beautiful!!!

  5. Kristy says:

    what an awesome day at RHFH!! God bless you!!

  6. Roberta says:

    Awwwwww! They are adorable! How exciting and SO thankful everything went OK!

  7. So nice to read of a happy ending!!! Praying mama’s health concerns aren’t too severe and that she can enjoy these precious babies.

  8. Good job team!

    Just as an update the first set is healthy and doing well too.

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