Changing lives-Medika Mamba

Kwashiorkor is sometimes hard to understand unless you see it in front of you.  The picture of the left is Esterline when she was admitted last week.  She was retaining fluids in all parts of her body.  We put her on the medika mamba last week.   In one weeks time she lost a little more than 1kg of excess fluids.  Can you see the difference?    Her little tiny body was able to reverse the organ failure.  This is good.  She should begin gaining muscle and fat.  She is just so tiny now.  Will you pray for her.  Medika mamba is making a difference.



2 Responses to Changing lives-Medika Mamba

  1. Chelsea says:

    Would you be able to post an update on her? I am eager to know how she is doing after 3 weeks. Thank you!

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