Sept 27 2009 a 094

Tomorrow morning we will be leaving the house early to get to the airport for our 9am flight.  We are all really excited about this trip.  But the most excited is of course, Carmelo.  He said you know everytime we drop you off at the airport I never get to go in.   I just want to go in there and see what it looks like.  So now he is just excited about going into the Port-au-Prince airport.  He has no idea  what is in store for the next few weeks.  He woke me up at 6:30 this morning asking if I was done packing yet!  I have been making copies of all the papers that I have and making sure I have everything to leave tomorrow.  I am sure that Carmelo will not sleep tonight. 

Prayer request:

*safe travels for dad (flying back from Texas) Carmelo and Licia

*NO problems at the US immigration stop in Miami

*on time flights

*finances while we are there

*Enoch, Henley, Trey, Lori, Charles and the RHFH staff

*Anna as she continues school with Henley and Trey

I will not be posting when we are gone.  I am hoping to not see the internet at all and just have fun and relax.  Contact Lori at or give me a call at (765)620-2703.


6 Responses to

  1. teresa fisher says:

    Licia, Praying for all of the above…I am so excited for Carmelo and this trip!!!!! Praying every detail is FABULOUS from start to finish!!!

  2. Tanya says:

    what a precious time for Carmelo! Praying for your safety!

  3. J-HY says:

    It was really great seeing you both in the PAP airport….the joy exuding from you both was amazing and uplifting. We are praying that you both have a great visit in the states.

  4. Krista says:

    Out of the mouths of babes…how precious! Here’s hoping that you have a relaxing, sweet time together. Enjoy the mom & son time! Have a lot of ICEE Coke. If my memory serves me, that’s right. Have a wonderful time, take care, and I look forward to the blog when you return to Haiti!

  5. Audrey Ann says:

    I have been praying for Carmelo and this situation and will continue! I am so thankful that God is answering this prayer. 🙂

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