Help needed

This little boy below needs to find a family.  You can read his story here and find out how you can contact the family if you are interested.  Even if you cannot help this little guy out we together can pray for him and the whole family during this difficult time.  Each of them need our love and support today. 



I am looking for someone that is coming into Haiti before November 14th.  I have a set of about 10 notebook size books and a teacher book for one of my boy’s school subjects that I need to get here ASAP.  Anyone that has room please let me know so we can make plans.  You can email me at  I am uploading the rest of the pictures soon!


3 Responses to Help needed

  1. M says:

    We will definitely pray for the family. It doesn’t sound as if they know Jesus! So, that will be my first prayer. Then, prayer for this little guy’s healing. Then, not just a new home, but a new name (the name his parents use for him on the site breaks my heart). May he not only find a new home, but become a new creation in Christ!!!

  2. Courtney Kilby says:

    I am going to Haiti on October 30th with a group. We will be going to St. Ard (just pass Caberet). If you don’t get someone let me know and I will check and see if we can bring them in. Do you think it will take a whole trunk? (50 pounds?)


  3. Courtney Kilby says:

    If you do need me to take the books, I need to get them by Oct. 23rd to pack. I live in western north carolina.

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