Trip to USA part #2

We hit Walmart in five different towns.  What fun! Oct 12 2009 b 060

 We went to an apple Orchard and pick a few apples.  We had apple cider and applebutter. 

Oct 12 2009 b 055

He got to finally meet the Zachary and Sanderfur (my mom’s) families.

Oct 12 2009 b 056

 We spent three days with a family that had adopted two children from Haiti.  They had a volleyball game and we went.  I was able to meet two other families that have adopted children from Haiti.  The Lacher family (Hi guys!), sent down some of the square mats for the kids in the RC.  It was so refreshing to meet new faces and really see the blogs help get the word out about what we do here.

Oct 12 2009 a 042

We got to go to a farm and see where they milk cows.  It was fun to explain to the kids how it works. Then we explained to the man how we milk them in Haiti.

Oct 12 2009 a 049Oct 12 2009 a 044

Oct 12 2009 a 045

Oct 12 2009 a 052

It was cold, but we still went to the go-cart track!

Oct 12 2009 b 037

We helped pack up the container to come to Haiti.  That was fun!  BTW all the goal was met for the funds for the container.  It has already arrived here in Haiti and is waiting to clear customs. Keep praying!

Oct 12 2009 b 039

Oct 12 2009 b 045

praying over it before it left for Florida!

Oct 12 2009 b 053

air hockey with Papaw. Papaw won!  

Oct 12 2009 b 059

 Papaw got Carmelo a new bike. We bought it from the same shop that I bought my bike from when I was 12 years old.  So Carmelo wanted Gran to “see” him on the bike.  We went to the grave site for a visit.  Remember we all went back to the USA when she died (in 2005) and Carmelo had to stay in Haiti.  So this was the first time he was able to go. 

Oct 12 2009 b 058

 We had him try a lot of good food.  This was a volcano ice cream something and below is ribs.  And yes he did eat his whole meal with his jacket and hat on.  I made him take the gloves off to eat 🙂

 Oct 12 2009 b 063

Oct 12 2009 b 062

I told Carmelo we would count how many people asked us if he spoke English.  Just to have something fun to do on the trip.  After we were there for a few days with dad we started counting something new.  We counted how many times I told dad the light was green or red.  Carmelo thinks he is color blind.  I just think he has driven in Haiti to long.  So if you see someone stopping at the green lights and going on the red lights look and make sure it is not dad before you honk your horn!

Carmelo’s favorite thing he did–riding the go-carts

Carmelo’s favorite food-steak, ribs and the ice cream above

Mommy’s favorite thing she did-buy lots of new clothes

Mommy’s favorite food-shrimp and fountain pop


8 Responses to Trip to USA part #2

  1. J-HY says:

    Chocolate Molten Cake from Chili’s….a favorite of our household as well!

  2. Audrey Ann says:

    How awesome! I have prayed for your trip, and I am so glad it was so great!

  3. Bekki says:

    Thank you for sharing – next trip, come visit Casey!!! I know of a home you could stay in…….love you much!

  4. kathy says:

    What fun!

  5. Rob says:

    So glad we were able to meet Carmelo and spend time with you too. Glad you enjoyed your trip. I know you needed it badly! Take care and looking forward to the spring trip!

  6. Ericka says:

    These pics warm the heart!
    So glad he was able to see so much here in the US.
    poor kid is probably on overload!!!!!!
    Many hugs!!

  7. steph says:

    that is awesome! he looks so happy. how did he feel coming back to haiti? man that ice cream thing looks to die….

  8. Krista says:

    Hello! So good to see that you are back. It was wonderful to hear about your trip. I am glad you both had a great time! Licia, I must agree with everyone on here…you look great! Did you see anyone/anything I know? Not surprised at all by the shrimp/fountain pop comment! Hey, I feel old when I read it has been 15 years…I knew that but WOW! 16 years since I have known you ladies, and you have blessed me ever since. Love you!

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