Green eggs and Spam says Anna I am

Green eggs and ham or spam.  Somedays you just have to start out having fun!  Thanks Anna for making life fun and real! 

Nov 2 09 a 003

Nov 2 09 a 002

 Nov 2 09 a 001

Imagine trying to expain to the staff what we were having for breakfast today.  They think white people are weird anyway so we did not want to dispoint them 🙂


2 Responses to Green eggs and Spam says Anna I am

  1. Jacki says:

    Awesome Anna! You want to come home school my kids next?

  2. Lorenda says:

    You are so fun Anna!! You have no idea how much my heart is filled with joy when I see the creative and fun things you do, as well as the support you are in the day to day stuff with Licia and Lori. We prayed so hard for you to appear and you are such a perfect answer to prayer. Your welcome sign is so cool, and your breakfast is something they will remember forever! Stay encouraged and know that Keverly’s parents are praying for you!

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