Someone asked a few days ago why so many people have umbilical hernias here in Haiti.   Here is the medical stuff for umbilical hernia.   This is what I know about them, a remember no I’m not a nurse 🙂  Umbilical hernias are more predominant in the black race.  They are also more predominant in girls.  Most hernia resolve themselves before the child turns 5 years old.   In Haiti, with the hospitals that we work with, they do not repair an umbilical hernia until after they are five years old.  We have known of medical teams that come from other countries to Haiti that will perform these surgeries before the child is five years old.  Of course if the child is in danger and must have surgery they will do it at any age.  Many do not get surgery even after five because they would rather eat then get surgery to fix something that is not really a big deal to them.  I do not think it is more predominant in Haiti or third world countries.  I think that in more developed countries that a person would get surgery early and for that reason you do not see it often.   It has nothing to do with the way that the cords are tied at birth here. 


What do I do when a child is abandoned?

The first thing I do is look around for the parents or the person that was with the child.  Usually someone will remember the person that was with them.  You might just get this information.  She was a black lady in a flowered dress.  So you go outside and tell everyone to look for a black lady in a flowered dress. (you know there are a lot of white ladies walking around here: ) ) Then usually you will find someone who will say hey I saw a black lady get on a motorcycle and leave about 1 hour ago.  So once we know that the care giver is gone we call the local judge.  If he is working he comes down to the clinic or RC.  We have to leave the child is the same place that is was abandoned so that proper papers can be done.  We can not pick them up or change their clothes or move anything around them.  Once the judge is done with the papers he give us the permission to take the child into the RC.  We have had many abandoned children over the years that we have been here.  Several of them have been given back to their parents, or other family members.  Some have been put up for adoption, some have moved to other orphanages.  Each child is different.  I will do all that I can to keep a child out of a bad situation where there is abuse.  But I will do all that I can to keep a child with his birth family if that is the best choice for all parties.


3 Responses to Questions?

  1. Stephanie says:

    If a child is abandoned and no one saw her put that child there will that child then be put up for adoption or does that child need a family member to sign for an adoption to take place?

  2. haitirescuecenter says:

    We do not do adoption here but sent them on into a Creche. But from what I know and do here is this. Once the child is abandoned(abandoned meaning left and we cannot find ANY family members) the local judge does a paper. The first paper is giving us the right to give the child care. Then after three months the judge can do a paper saying they have been abandoned. We hold that paper and then after 6 months the local mayor does another paper. With these paper the adoption can be done in Haiti. That is what I know.

  3. Dolores says:

    thank you for the information about the hernias. We are adopting a little boy from Haiti and when my husband was there he noticed our son has a hernia. He then realized many kids had one too. Interesting information. We had heard other reasons too that didn’t make much sense.

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