Andre Jean

Hi!  My name is Andre Jean.  My dad carried me down the mountain on a two-hour hike almost two weeks ago to the clinic.  I was very sick.  I could not sit up and my whole body was swollen with kwashiorkor.  I heard the nurses talking to my dad about how sick I was and that I needed to stay in the rescue center for a while.  I was a little scared to stay without my family but they told me they would come visit me often.

Andre Jean 7

Since I could not sit up they put me in a bed.  The first few days I just slept most of the time.  Those gals, Lori, Licia and Anna helped me out.  They brought me lots of extra meat.  I think they thought I was extra special because they would sneak the extra meat in so the other kids would not see me getting more than they did 🙂  They sat and fed me and they loved me.  I began to feel stronger.

Andre jean55

Last Sunday (25th) they began feeding me medika mamba.  I had a big bowl to eat everyday.  It was hard at first but each day I began to get stronger and feel better.  When I first came I could not walk.  After I began eating the mamba I had to pee a lot.  They told me this was good.  I would feel better once I got some of the water off my body. 

Nov 3 2009 a 004

Today makes 9 days that I have been eating the medika mamba.  Every Saturday we get weighted to see how we are doing.  Guess what I lost 6.5 pounds of water.   I feel wonderful now!  I feel like a little boy again.  Today I went outside and played with the other boys and I rode a bike.  It was so fun!

Nov 3 2009 a 002

Licia came and told me today that she was so happy that I was feeling better.  She says kids like me give her hope and strength to keep going.  She told me a story of a lady that ran for a long time to raise funds to buy the mamba and then she told me about a lot of you that helped make this program possible by donating funds.  I am so thankful to everyone.  I am going to try very hard to eat well and gain weight this week.

Nov 2 09 d 012

We have a proverb here in Haiti   it says Anpil Men Chay pa Lou meaning Many hands makes the burden (load) light.  I want to thank each of you for all coming together to save my life.  I am a miracle!


8 Responses to Andre Jean

  1. kathy says:

    Thank goodness for hope.

  2. Tanya says:

    Wow…. He looks wonderful!

  3. Bekki says:

    Teach Andre Jean to sing “I am a promise – I am a possibility”. Thank you for sharing his story – thank you for sharing your heart. I love you dearly!

  4. crying fool in PAP says:

    wwwwaaaahhhhh. this is my favorite post ever.

    so much love to you Andre Jean. And to you Licia.

  5. Debby says:

    so great to see such a quick recovery for Andre Jean. I am so glad you have this new food for the children. Praying for you and the great work you do.

  6. Randy M says:

    Love this Licia! Praise God for your work and for His faithfulness to the little ones.

  7. Roberta says:

    His smile is the best thing EVER!!! That is awesome! 🙂

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