Going home 1st 2 weeks of November

Stats on medika mamba program  started the last day of May 2009

73 children has been admitted to the program

26 are currently receiving treatment

32 graduated from the program

12 died

3 were removed from the program (2 did not tolerate it well, 1 the family took her home before treatment was finished)

Medika Mamba graduates going home

 Renista Sept 09 20 pounds                going home Nov at 25 pounds

 Enel Sept lowest weight 17 pounds   going home in Nov at 21.5 pounds

Dieuvlet (one of the four boys in the picture)

           In July at 12 pounds         going home in Nov at 18 pounds


 Milora in  Oct at 23 pounds                going home in Nov at 26 pounds

Other kids in the RC going home

Fenold in July 08   at 22          going home in Nov 09 at 34 pounds

we finally found his dad after 1 year

Julienne in July at 11 pounds (her lowest)    going home in Nov at 17.5 pounds

Limene was burned along with her brother (who died later at the hospital) back in July

She is healed up and went home this week.  A few blog readers sent funds for her family.  We were able to send these funds home with the mother, she was very thankful for the extra help.

Three kids died this week, Titincil, Dounia and Jonald. 

John 20:29 (The Message)

 29Jesus said, “So, you believe because you’ve seen with your own eyes. Even better blessings are in store for those who believe without seeing.” 


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