Updates and new kids

I have been trying to get this post done all day.  It was a busy one!  So Dayclef is still alive.  He is looking better but I am not ready to say that he is going to live.  But he is still alive so that is a positive for the day.

This is Magurerite.  She has been with us a little over two weeks.  She has gained a total  of 7 pounds in the time she has been here.  You go girl!  She is now 78 pounds.  I am hoping to get her to around 100 before I send her home.  This is Marlene.  She had also been here about 2 weeks.  She had TERRIBLE kwashiorkor.  She has lost 22 pounds in two weeks.  All of it water weight.  This is good.  She is getting stronger and can almost walk on her own now.  She is the sweetest girl to talk to. You can see the original post with these two ladies here.

This is Kensly.  He is 6 years old and weighs 36 pounds.  He has a high fever and refuses to eat the Medika Mamba.  He eats only a little bit of food each day.This is Rebel. He is an uncle to Marlene (above).  He came to visit her and was so happy to see that she was getting better.  His legs are very swollen and he is sick.  So I am keeping him here for a few weeks to see if we can help him out.  The first day he was here I found him in the corner of the RC.   He was eating Marlene’s medika mamba as fast as he could.  He said he wanted to get better like her.  I told him not to eat her mamba she needed it.  So Rebel gets his own special bowl of the miracle-working medika mamba.  He loves it!This is Stanley.  He is 2.5 years old and weighs 15.8 pounds.  He is in the beginning stages of kwashiorkor and has a high fever.  He is eating well and we expect him to recover.

Wanted to thank everyone that wrote today about the family in the post below.  We are so very thankful to each of you.  I am excited to tell them when they return to visit the kids.  Also we only lack 1 school sponsorship fro one of Telismane’s boys.  $250.oo for the whole school year.  Every other need of her’s has been met!  God is good.


2 Responses to Updates and new kids

  1. Debbie Woodward says:

    WOW — Marlene looks spectacular! Is her mom still staying with her or did she go home? I think it’s awesome that her uncle can see how useful Medika Mamba is.

    If you get some time, can you take a photo of the sassy Walnelson that came in with kwash the first day I was at the clinic (Nov. 17th). I can still see him bopping his head up and down to the music outside the gate. I still see his face looking at me in the file room and him wanting all my meat. He would push all the other kids away so that he could be the only one to sit on my lap. He had only been there a couple of days –he had ATTITUDE. He must be somewhat better.

    If you have any more time, how about ANNA and Mackenson. She is the coolest 20 year old woman I’ve met. He is one handsome little guy.

    You ladies are the best!

    Say hi to Adele, Jina, Ensley, Chantal, Carole, Benita, Gilbert and Jimble.
    I sure I butchered most of the names.


  2. Bekki says:

    Hurray for Medika Mamba! Hurray for RHFH! Hurray for Licia and Lori and Zach and all the workers! Hurray for all the supporters!
    Most of all, HURRAY FOR GOD! I love seeing Him working through you – can’t wait to come back!

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