Some things I forgot to tell you…

  • Caroline is here!  Yeah!  Her mom is coming into Haiti today to spend a week with us.
  • We had three kids die on Christmas Day

  • Two more kids died on the 31st.
  • Nickenson (the little cutie Anna took care of ) was one who died on Christmas Day.

  • There are about 65 children in the RC as of today.
  • There are 21 kids that are ready to return home–we are just waiting on their parents to show up

  • Today I am 35 years old!
  • The boys have been enjoying their short vacation.

  • We have a trip to the beach planned this coming weekend.  Yippe!
  • Trey ran into a wall last week.  It is so nice to have an aunt that is a nurse and can take care of you and of course there is an advantage to having a medical clinic right below where you live.

  • We fixed a HUGE pot of pumpkin soup for the kids New Years Day( a tradition in Haiti)

  • I miss my brother and his family They are expecting a baby boy in Feb ( so excited for them)

So I hope to be back on track with blogging and life by Monday (which is Lori’s Birthday) !


10 Responses to Some things I forgot to tell you…

  1. Sadie says:

    Happy Happy HAPPY birthday Licia! 🙂

  2. We’ve never met, but I also turn 35 this year. You are an amazing woman and I pray God continues to pour out His mercy upon you so you can continue to pour it out amongst those you serve. Happy Birthday!

  3. Krista says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Happy Birthday! prayers… hugs…

  5. beverly cleveland says:

    Happy Birthday Licia and Lori. God bless you both

  6. Bekki says:

    Happy Birthday, amazing Licia! Love you much! Keep it up – God MUST smile when He looks on you!

  7. Debbie Woodward says:

    Happy Birthday Licia and Lori! So sorry to know that little Nickenson has died. Jesus has a much better plan for that handsome little guy.

    Hope you are all well and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  8. Lorenda says:

    Happy Birthday Licia and Lori!!

    It has been fun having Keverly with us this past week. One more week — she leaves on Saturday. She misses you all so much! We thank the Lord that He provided Anna for you and the boys, and that Caroline is there too. God is good!

  9. K says:

    Happy Birthday Licia and Lori! (You must be twins and I didn’t know it–I’m catching on from the comments above).

    I’m sad to hear about Christmas Day in Cazale. Praying for you and those you serve!

  10. Roberta says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Miss you all SO much!

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