Please continue to pray…

Man with a broken hip and leg.  We took him out to another hospital.  The prices of food is already going up.  We have rice, beans, oil and spaghetti that will last for a while for the kids.  They asked us double price for a sack of beans this AM in the next town out.  Someone walked by and said hey that the white people from Cazale give them a good price they help people.  The too $200 off each sack of beans!  Yeah! 

Enoch went into town today to try to find his mom, dad and siblings and help friends.  One of his brothers just got here.  There older brother has two kids trapped under a house.  They were able to pull his pregnant wife out alive.  Enoch is not back yet we are waiting to see if other family member are okay. Keep praying!  Many have asked what they can do to help.   It is so hard to say right now it is all so fresh.  The immediate needs will be food, water, and medications.  These items can all be bought here in Haiti.  We will be trying to stock up within the next few days.  We need a lot to be able to feed all 70 kids at least three times a day!  Please us the donation button on the blog or send donations into the address listed in the blog.


11 Responses to Please continue to pray…

  1. Carmen says:


  2. jeanne says:

    so here y’all go again… looks like the ’08 hurricanes may have just been a warm-up for y’all on how to best handle donations and relief efforts. i want to come down there so badly to start helping immediately. however, i certainly don’t want to spend a bunch of money to just use up more of haiti’s space and resources. i understand that sometimes sending money really is the most helpful thing to do… so we’ll see…

  3. Sadie says:

    Posting this on Facebook, trying to get the word out for you guys!

  4. Debbie Woodward says:

    Licia –

    Praying for Enoch’s family and for all of you.

    I will spread the word about paypal. I know FOR SURE that you will not waste a dime and that you have the trust of the Haitian people.

    May God give you and your family and staff the strength to keep serving the beautiful people of Haiti.


  5. Ed says:

    Praying for you all.

    – Ed

  6. cindi says:

    Praying for all, esp Enoch’s family. Let us know. Joe has sent out mass e-mails to people pointing them to your website and is asking his company to shift their charity efforts to you guys. Hope something comes from it. With love and prayer, cindi

  7. julie says:

    as others pray for us, we pray for others. keeping you before the throne of grace, my friend.

  8. Steve Eckart says:

    I have posted your site locationon FB and your posts on my page – pryaing for the safety of your husband’s family and for all of you. Thanks so much for keeping us informed while you are so busy taking care of all the needs there.

  9. Sandy Kinnaman says:

    I have added your site to my FB and so have many others. Prayers are going up continually for all of you. Let us know about Enoch’s family when you can.

  10. Scarlett says:

    I am praying, and planning to help. Thank God you and your family are ok. Thank God for your family.

    Keep us updated, everyone’s hearts and eyes are open and on Haiti.


  11. Lori Goff says:

    Please keep me updated so we can help the best way possible. Please let my dad, Jim know that all of Grant County is praying for you all.

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