Update #2

Many patients coming in from town and other places that need medical help.


6 Responses to Update #2

  1. Dena says:

    Praying for the people of Haiti! May God be with you and give you strength. I pray that you all will feel his presence and strength in a special way!

  2. lisa says:

    Oh how I wish i could come to you…we are trying to assess the roads to see if we can get to the orphanage in Coq Chante…if so then we are going to get a medical team there I am hoping…if not I am able to come and help you guys if I can get there so please don’t hesitate..just let me know,our orphanage has collapsed and we have lost an orphan,we have no clue about all of our workers in Port right now but am praying that everyone is okay,have no contact right now..Praying for you all to do what GOD has made you to do and for all of the people in Haiti…we are also collecting more medical supplies as well like I did for you guys in december let me know what else you need…I have LOTS of formula as well….

  3. rajen nair says:

    My heart goes out to people of Haiti. I am a journalist looking for an eye-witness who can talk about her or his experience of the haiti earthquake to the wrold. pls contact me- rajennair29@yahoo.com

  4. audrie says:

    im praying 4 all of you we just have to have faith in God and believe hes going to help cause all thing are possible through him and he moves mountains just remeber hes never gonna let go of us all.hes gonnaa make a way i pray that he opens the eyes of your heart i also pray that youll will live by faith and not by sight he loves youll hes going to heal the injured he got a blind man to see so everything is possibe through him

  5. for Port Au Prince says:

    Please Lord God Almighty Alpha & Omega Lord Jesus Christ please bless this city and nation with all your might. They need you more than anyone on this planet. Please use your tremendious power to help them. over do them with supplies that they need please let those that are hurt become healthy and strong again. Please Lord God Almighty and Lord Jesus Chist Lord and Savior. Help them they need you tremendiously. and Now. Asap. In the name of Lord Jesus Christ they shall have what they need. and more than enough. and people shall walk again become strong just like you are and be able to help others in their community. Amen.

  6. brian says for Port Au Prince says:

    God will help its a matter of time when his tremendous powers will help in mysterious ways that hardly anyone would think. probably. they will be saved either way. soul or body. In the name of Lord Jesus Christ they will have food, water, medications and an over flow supply of it. Amen.

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