Shirts to help Haiti

You can get a help Haiti shirt here.  All proceeds will go to relief in Haiti.  I know these wonderful people who are making this possible.  They are adopting a little boy from Haiti.  They have a little girl who just arrived from Haiti a few months ago. 

We so appreciate all  of you that are praying for us and for Haiti.  We are overwhelmed by the needs but are happy to know so many care and want to help.

UPDATE:  Shirt sales proceeds will be split up between RHFH and Livesay family (not sure if going to Heartline or World Wide Village).  contact or for more infomation.


3 Responses to Shirts to help Haiti

  1. Sarah says:

    Will this go directly to RHFH? We are deciding how we want to donate and we want to help. The shirts are wonderful. We just don’t want to neglect helping you directly. We are praying

  2. Jamie Ivey says:

    Sarah – These shirts will go to RHFH and two other organizations in Haiti that do great work. We love all 3 of these organizations and trust all the work they do. If you want all of your money to go directly to RHFH then we suggest you donate through their webpage at – there is paypal and a mailing address on there.
    THANK YOU so much for supporting RHFH!

    • Sarah says:

      We got our shirts today! Just in time to wear for a fundraiser tonight. Jamie,I just saw your response to my original post. Thank you for your help! Grace and Peace

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