Haiti Earthquake pictures Jan 15th #2

Rescue Crews in Port-au-Prince today

Enoxh said they are to many bodies on the streets so they are starting to burn them.  He saw this in several locations.


5 Responses to Haiti Earthquake pictures Jan 15th #2

  1. Amy says:

    Thank you for your updates. I have read your website for a long time and admire your work. My mom spent 3 months in Leogane and Flon back in 1971 and I grew up wanting to follow in her footsteps. I will never forget those tiny photos my mom brought home of the children at the nutrition center. Almost 3 years ago, I visited Tanzania, East Africa on a volunteer trip and am now living here and adopting my 3 year old son. I may have ended up here in Africa, but Haiti will always have a place in my heart. We pray for you and the people of Haiti every night. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Carmen says:


  3. Bobby Ewing says:

    New high resolution pictures on the destruction from the 2010 Haiti Earthquake have been posted from on the ground in Port-Au-Prince and Jacmel



  4. julie says:


    I am praying so much that God can take all of the death and destruction and chaos that surrounds you to stir your heart and strengthen you. To build your endurance and create in you such compassion and tenderness and loyalty that those who are suffering great loss and grieving so deeply around you will look upon you with awe and wonder because they no longer see the Licia and Enoch they once knew, but rather, they see Christ ever so clearly.

  5. […] see how the amount of hurt and damage there can even be dented. Read first hand reports and look at photos and you’ll see what I […]

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