Digicel text info

We are trying to get out the word on the following new SMS system:

People of Haiti who use Digicel can text their location and needs to 4636.
The information will be distributed to numerous aid agencies who will work
to take action.

For those outside of Haiti with information please text 46737494535 with
information that you may have about people and needs in Haiti.


Texting emergency needs and location information to 4636 allows the
surviving population to report issues, receive alerts and useful information
and most importantly to get their emergency information to relief
organizations on the ground in Haiti. these services are operated by a
collaborating group of organizations including Ushahidi, InSTEDD, Sahana
Thomson Reuters Foundation, and provides a channel for many response and
information activities on the ground. We are working on also routing this to
USAID, FEMA and the UN


3 Responses to Digicel text info

  1. Terra says:

    We are gathering lists of feeding stations and supply distribution sites.

    Please email us (terraf at compuserve. com) with locations of any sites that you find. We will post them at:

    (choose QUICKSTART on upper right for link to HAITI orgs)

    978 808 7173 (US-based virtual volunteer)

  2. Sandra Deal says:

    Oklahoma is praying for you!!! Our family has been following your blog since getting your link from Abraham Piper’s blog immediately after the earthquake. Posted your link several times on our Facebook and sent our mass emails. God has placed a burden for you on our hearts!!

    May Grace and Peace Abound,
    The Deal Family
    Claremore, OK

  3. Elick Edouard says:

    Thanks to everyone who opens their heart in a such troubling and hardship time to help us, haitians. You surely raise yourself in a Godly dimension to receive even more from Heaven.
    Thanks, vonage and digicel and all others telecommunication network for your humanly action. Every soul is precious!
    God bless!

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