Vonage free calls to Haiti

Just in…(Tues, mid-day)
> Vonage is currently offering free international dialing to Haiti
> through a special toll-free number.
> NOTE: You don’t have to be a Vonage customer to make a free call any
> U.S. caller who has access to a telephone can call 800-809-2503 and
> follow the instructions to place a free 10-minute call to Haiti. We
> encourage you… to pass this Vonage toll-free number along to
> non-Vonage customers who want to call Haiti.


2 Responses to Vonage free calls to Haiti

  1. sharon sowa says:

    Graham is there is he with you or your sister. Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Gods Speed,

    Sharon Sowa

  2. sportavia8 says:

    Free Google Voice Calls to Haiti
    To help US families reach relatives in Haiti, for the next two weeks, Google Voice is offering free calls to Haiti.
    If you don’t have a Google Voice account, you can request an invitation at http://www.google.com/voice.

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