Guest Post from Casey…

Real Hope for Haiti is humbled by the sacrifice and generosity extended its way since the earthquake on January 12. I recognize that Licia’s blog is generating tremendous interest in developments on the ground in Haiti. Licia will continue to post as long as her satellite internet allows her, but I wanted to take an opportunity to share a bit about what RHFH does on a regular basis.

Pain and suffering in Haiti were felt even before the quake and its aftermath.  Many children arrive at the RC in critical condition due to severe malnutrition. Many of them do not survive.

This is a pile of death certificates of children from the rescue center the past few years.

  • My family has been living and working in Haiti since January of 1994.
  • The have a medical clinic that is run by my sister Lori. She also writes a blog (be warned her medical pictures are a bit graphic), but has not posted since the quake because she has spent large amounts of time serving in a clinic in PAP. I like to call her the Rambo of missionaries.
  • The clinic sees an average of 250 patients per day they are opened.
  • They have 100,000 patients on file.
  • The have 24 hour emergency services.
  • Centre Sante de la Grace du Bon Samaritain, Cazale (name of clinic is “Grace of the Good Samaritan Health Center, Cazale)”
  • Children that come through the clinic severely malnourished are taken with permission of the parents and placed in the rescue center, whichi my sister Licia runs.
  • The rescue center averages 60 kids at any given time, although at the time of the quake there were 70. The children stay anywhere from 6 months to a year. Parents are given health and nutrition education before the child is sent home.
  • There are several orphans who live in the RC, others have been adopted out.
  • There are four adults that stay with us, one named Patrick who is paralyzed from the waist up from falling out of a coconut tree.
  • RHFH has 73 full time employees.
  • 8 ladies that was 6 days a week (in the RC)
  • 3 shifts per day providing 24 hour care for the children.
  • 12 ladies per shift plus shift leader
  • Children eat 5 times a day, 3 meals and 2 snacks
  • The building the children lived in was too badly damaged to live in safely, so they have been sleeping in the driveway since the quake. Another undamaged building has been rented, but we are still waiting for materials to be cleared from the home.
  • Licia was able to send about 20 children home to their parents in the surrounding mountain villages in order to open up space for more kids impacted by the quake.
  • My dad preaches at various churches and raises support, gathers supplies, ships containers, and generally ensures clinic and RC are well stocked and well staffed.
  • RHFH also has a school sponsorship program.
  • One thing my sister’s and Lori’s husband Charles are most proud of is a community group they are a part of that was initiated and is led by Haitians in the community and is committed to the long term development of the area creating a nursery, digging latrines, curbing erosion, and many other projects.

Now here is where it gets a bit crazy. All of this happens and my entire family lives in 2 buildings that are around 2,000 square feet each! RHFH is in the final stages of purchasing 30+ acres a near their current location to broaden the services offered and continue to attempt to meet the needs of the Haitian people we share life with in our community. As God enables us, we are discussing the possibilities of building a larger facilities for the RC and Clinic, as well as a birthing center, HIV hospice, and a small hospital as well.

Again, we are extremely thankful for all you have done in giving towards relief efforts in Haiti and the concern you have demonstrated for the Haitian people. I wanted to write this post because there have been seemingly infinite needs in Haiti before the quake and now we can only trust God for what the future holds.

If you are interested in receiving a RHFH newsletter and being updated on our work in Haiti, please email us me at with your name and address and “newsletter” in the title.

I encourage you to click on any of the archives on Licia or Lori’s blog to find more stories and ideas of how the RHFH missionaries spend their lives. As their son and their brother, I must say I feel they spend their lives very well.

If you would like you can also follow RHFH on

You can subscribe to Licia’s blog

You can subscribe to  Lori’s blog

You can’t follow my dad via RSS because he is 63 and can barely check his email, let alone blog. Although, for a 63 year old, I’ll say he’s a stud.

Again, this post is meant to give you opportunities to know more about what RHFH does on a daily basis and how you can partner with us in the future.

Thank you for your time.

The Son
The Brother
Big Jesus Love
Casey Zachary

PS. Here is an example of what they do in the RC. This fella’s name is Emmanuel.




20 Responses to Guest Post from Casey…

  1. ronda moore says:

    Our church led a group to RHFH in October of 2006. I can honestly say that these are some of the most REAL people I have ever met. They live their lives on the front line. I love them as if they are members of my own family. I don’t keep in contact with them as often as I should…but they are always in my heart and in this last week, constantly in my prayers. Thank you Casey for letting the world in on how AWESOME your family is. Love you all. And Zach…you ARE a stud. 😉

  2. Debbie Woodward says:

    I agree with Ronda. Without question these are the most selfless and tireless servants I have ever met. I had the chance to stay with them in November, 2009. They deal with life and death daily and still make room to look to the future of Haiti with the beautiful people of Cazale.

    Real Hope For Haiti does not waste a dime and I for one would love to partner with them for the long term and hope that those who read their blog will be their with them long after the media stops talking about the earthquake.

    Peace to all of the family and staff.

  3. Sarah Wright says:

    I am joining a team that visited last year and we are hoping to come help in July. I had the pleasure of meeting Zach, Licia, and Carmelo this fall. It has been wonderful learning about your family and how Christ has put this mission on all of your hearts. Thank you, Casey for giving us a thorough yet concise explanation of what it is that you do. I feel like I’ve been given a tool in this posting to better spread the word about what God is doing through you.

    God Bless!

  4. Lauri Balbi says:

    I can’t get the info site to work but I am interested in receiving your newletters. I am at the church where Anna’s parents attend.

  5. Prudence says:

    The email you left for the newsletter is not working because it is full! Please post when it is available so we can send our info again. Thanks for all you do!

  6. Jamie says:

    Great explanations!

  7. Carmen says:

    Casey – your post is an answer to prayer – i had emailed licia to see if i could use some of the rc photos for a powerpoint for my church, becasue we are taking an offering for the rc. I was searching your website for all this information this afternoon, and I was starting to cut and paste it from different pages, and my computer froze up. I sent up a “help Lord” prayer, and walked away. Now I come back, and you have listed it all in one place – thank you so much!! I am constantly humbled and amazed by your family and their obedience to the Lord.

  8. […] who have been ministering there long before the tragedy. Thanks to my husband for sharing about a link about this family that has been there since […]

  9. cindi says:

    I just had the privilege of visiting the amazing people that run RHFH for a life-changing week. We left PAP only 2 days before the quake. I now understand why Caroline is in love with all things Haiti, esp Lori, Licia, Zach, Casey and their families. We are on our way to a fund-raising concert in The Woodlands tonight and want to encourage all to support this amazing ministry. It is definitely of God!

  10. Hi, beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ
    The email address for info comes up as not valid. Was there a typo in the address? I would like to add my name to the newsletter.
    I check your blog daily, along with the Livesay blog, so I’ll be back to see if there’s a corrected email contact link.
    Also, I didn’t see Jesus’ name on the post anywhere and wanted to verify this is a Christ-centered program.
    Thanks for all you are doing! Thanks for staying in touch with us out here in the world. You’re one of two blogs we depend on to keep us informed with your needs and victories in this catastrophic time. I know it’s added work for you at a time when your energies are tapped to the max, but it’s vital to us out here!
    God bless you today.
    Chris from California

  11. haitirescuecenter says:

    Cleared out the account. It should be up and working now. Thanks everyone!

  12. Bekki says:

    Great post, Casey. I love this mission – I would gladly be an ‘unsolicited’ spokesperson to tell of their work. I had the privilege of joining them in Haiti for only 3 days – but I was blessed in the Lord and I LEARNED so much of Him just being there! My husband, teenager, and i had hoped to do a mission trip this spring – maybe it will be sooner or later but I WILL return to this little oasis of God’s love and goodness – of the people who actually LISTENED to His call and OBEY! Amazing family – amazing work – amazing God! I love you guys!

  13. Sandy Kinnaman says:

    Well spoken, Casey. I am going to copy this to share with friends and family. I praise God for all that the ‘Zachary’ family has and is doing for the Haitian people and because God called them to this.
    I might say that the outpouring of help is wonderful but the need is ongoing, weekly, monthly. They need help on a regular, consistent basis.
    Love to all of you and I am going to get to Cazale, Lord willing!

  14. Jen says:

    Thank you for posting this 🙂 We are sending loads of people to this site to read about RHFH. They are praying for you all. God is big and through Him you are able to do amazing things in His name! Praying for everyone involved with RHFH!

  15. First… I want to nibble on those cheeks!! What a little miracle!

    When the earthquake hit, I went out and found a handful of blogs based in Haiti… and I’ve been praying, many times each day, for comfort, strength, resiliency, understanding. And I will continue to do so. Thank you for sharing more about what your organization does- it’s important work and you were there at the time of the earthquake for a reason.

  16. Krista says:

    Tears are flowing as I read this! Such a great summary of God’s servants doing His work! I have been priviliged to know and call this family friends since 1993 when I began attending college with Lori & Licia. I can say that the selflessness that you see today was evident in their lives back then too. These are lives well lived! I love you and keep on keeping on!

  17. you should put this entire post in a link somewhere to the right of the blog, so people that visit this website can just click on the link and then read this post and learn more about the rescue center.
    just a thought

  18. Casey, thanks so much for putting all of this together. It is such a blessing when we are trying to explain to others the background of this organization to which we are tied through Anna!
    We are having everyone involved with read this so that we can all know exactly what amazing ministry your family has been doing for so many years. We are hoping to inspire more and more people so that the hospital, birthing clinic, expanded rescue center, etc can become a reality in our lifetimes!
    Laurie J.

  19. […] to serve quake victims. Yesterday, the first two patients were sent to us. If you remember from my brother’s post, our facilities are down to 1 building that is about 2000 square feet. We are still providing all […]

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