Donation of goods to Haiti

We have a friend that is collecting donated good for us at a warehouse.  These items are to be shipped to Haiti.  If you have items you can ship them to

Debbie Woodward
1500 Jackson Street NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Current needs list

 infant formula
powdered milk
ensure milk
other staples
canned meat
canned vegetables
canned beans
canned tomato products
juice mixes
triple antibiotic oint
hydrocortizone cream
anti-fungal cream
oral hypoglycemics – metformin, glyburide
seizure meds  – pheno
kerlex, cling
IV fluids
casting materials
cast saw
surgical blades
sutures – all kinds
hygiene items
laundry soap
copy paper
bug spray
garden seeds – corn, beans (lima, black, etc), watermelon, tomato, eggplant
garden tools – hoe, machete, pick-ax, sickle (digo)
rechargeable lanterns
cooking pots
nails – 3″, 4″, tin
boards – 2×4, 1×4
electric wire
water pump – 4″
ambulance-like truck
If you would like Debbie’s phone number please email me or if you have any question please let me know.  We know some of these needs are big but we want you to know what we are looking for.  Thanks so much for all you help.

46 Responses to Donation of goods to Haiti

  1. I have been reading your blog for a few months after it was shared with me through a friend of my sister named Emily, whose hometown is Iowa City. I am in Iowa and would be willing to help in whatever ways I could – I am unsure what is needed at this time and I understand that organization is key right now. I would love to have the phone number or email of Debbie in Minneapolis. That is a short drive for me and perhaps I could help if there are people who are trying to get supplies to her. I don’t know what skills I have that could be helpful, except that I am willing to do anything….and I am a stay at home mother, so I do have flexibility and time. I understand if you are swamped and cannot reply! I am in awe of what you do each day. It is so evident that you are doing what God has planned for you and it is wonderful to see evidence of miracles.

  2. TheDeeZone says:

    Found out about you guys from the Iveys. I have re-posted your needs list on my blog. If there is anyway I can use my blog to help let me know.

  3. Carmen says:

    i was going to send you an email asking about donating goods – you answered my question before I asked:-) thanks

  4. Bekki says:

    Any idea when a shipment will be made?

  5. Becky says:

    This website was advertised on “The View” today, may be of help to publish your needs here.

  6. Dee Moulds says:

    I work at Best Buy HQ –
    Let me see if I can assist with any collection, at least on a team level.

  7. Angie says:

    I want to send some supplies. I am a veterinarian and can pack a box of medical supplies. Do you think it will matter at all that they come from the veterinary side and not a human medical supply? If it’s a problem I will probably just place an order for non medical supplies with and have them drop shipped to the address you gave.

    I have been following your blog since the quake, stumbled on it somehow. I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you are doing. I am in awe of your strength and faith.

    • Anna K. says:

      It doesn’t matter- we need ketamine! Thanks 🙂

      • Angie S says:

        First box to ship out soon. We were able to gather gloves, laceration trays, bandaging material, few catheters, tylenol, tums, ointments, etc… 90# in that one. Hope to have the second box finished in a few days. Hopefully more meds in it.

  8. Tina says:

    can you email me Debbie’s contact info? I work at a church in Mpls would like to ask her some questions about the supplies needed, etc. Know that many of us are praying…and are so thankful for His precious and very great promises that you are clinging to because of Christ.

  9. Vicky says:

    Hey fellow commenters… Just thought I’d make sure everyone knows that the US Post Office has flat-rate boxes in various sizes. No matter the weight, it will cost the same… Quite a few of the items on the list are heavier, so this might be a good option.

    Continuing to pray for all of you serving in Haiti! Thank you for all you are doing and for the sacrifices you and your family have made!

  10. Jennie Strong says:

    could you please forward Debbie’s info to me as well? I have been wondering about a way to sent supplies short of chartering a plane. (which of course, I cannot afford.) 🙂


  11. Laura Bakker says:

    I would love to send some things too! One question, is it all right if we send gently used for some of the items (sheets, cups, utensils)? Or are you looking only for new stuff (obviously not the medical stuff).

    Thanks so much & we’ll continue to be praying for all of you in Haiti. 🙂

    Laura, in Michigan

  12. ed says:

    Does Debbie have a way of getting the stuff from MN to Haiti or is she collecting it with the expectation some relief organization wants this unsorted collection of stuff and is willing to use its resources to pay for a charter plane? (which is very rarely the case)

  13. Bria Grace says:

    It’s not much, but 2 cans of infant formula, some antibacterial soap and Tylenol/Ibuprofen is on its way to you within the next few days.

    Also, I have some Hydrocortizone and Nystatin (an anti-fungal) that were prescribed to me but never used (or maybe only used once – not sure). Would they be of help to you?

    • Bria Grace says:

      Just checked – the Nystatin is unopened, so in the box it goes! The Hydrocortizone is opened but I can only remember using it once, so that one is up to you as to whether or not you want it.

  14. […] Posted on January 26, 2010 by areyoukiddingg I follow the blog of an amazing organization, the Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center. They are amazing people and if you have time you should read their blog and see what they are doing […]

  15. Stacie says:

    We live just south of Mnpolis, so if you could email me Debbie’s contact info, I would love to help and donate what we can.


  16. Debbie Woodward says:

    Right now I am planning on two methods of shipment. As people head to Haiti from Minnesota, they can bring these supplies to Real Hope For Haiti. That will produce free shipping.

    Other supplies will go on a container. Depending on the amount of supplies we will either ship a full container or consolidate to another container being shipped.

    Tell everybody you know. Small organizations that ACTUALLY work with the Haitian people sometimes get left out of the picture. We need to be faithful servants and give generously and directly to the people of Haiti.

    Zach, Licia and Lori do that EVERY day relying on their daily bread from God. We need to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ and help provide this daily bread.

    THANK YOU to all who are willing to coordinate this shipment of supplies.
    PLEASE do not send junk. People do not have space to put it and I would rather spend the money shipping things of value to RHFH than to spend it throwing junk away. Please stick with the list that they have provided so we can steward God’s resources appropriately.


    • EA Brittain says:

      I was looking on Amazon since I get free two-day shipping. they have a 15 x 15 sport screen shelter that I thought might be good, since it protects from sun and bugs and you can stand, etc. I have the list of needs and can send basic medical things like gauze, but wondered if a bigger tent item might be more useful…

  17. Herbert Weiss says:

    What size tents are suitable?
    Mine is 8’L X 8’W 5.5′ H

    Can you use air mattresses

  18. Angie says:

    I’m wondering if we can send a Target gift card to Debbie, and she can purchase some of the greater needed items…such as baby formula.

    • Debbie Woodward says:


      I have close access to Target, Wal-Mart and K-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s and Menards and would be happy to pick up supplies if you choose to send a gift card. I will be keeping an inventory list so we can see what is needed most.

      Thanks Angie.

  19. Herbert Weiss says:

    I just measured the tent and it is 9’L X 9’W X 6.5′ ( approx.) at the peak.
    It is an Eureka Family Tent with canvas walls and a heavy waterproof reinforced plastic floor. It comfortably sleeps at least four and maybe five.
    It doesn’t have a tarp, but instead of buying and shipping one I’ll send you check to purchase one.

  20. Tina Lowe says:

    Hi, Debbie.

    We are looking into advertising this need at our church here in Minneapolis (Bethlehem Baptist). I have a few questions for you…1- could we give the address to the warehouse for people to drop off their items? 2- some people are concerned how does the items get to them in Haiti? 3- can I get your phone # or email?
    Thank you for any help you can give to these questions.
    Blessings to you,

    • Debbie Woodward says:


      The address is 1500 Jackson Street NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413.
      My cell phone is (612) 363-5612. The items will go to Haiti two ways. One is to send with missionaries from Minnesota who are willing to carry for Real Hope For Haiti.

      The second method of shipment is on a container. We will coordinate with Zach in Haiti who will receive the container in Haiti. I have stayed with these people and they are selfless servants of God.

      Please call me and we can set up a time to take the donations. I move about in my job, so a phone call is best.

      Thanks so much for helping the beautiful people of Haiti.

  21. Tiel Howard says:

    Dear Debbie,
    I have some things that I will mail you, but was also thinking that if there are things people in my area are wishing to send to you, I would be glad to drive things to you from the Iowa area to Minn. Maybe this would help people find it more feasible to send larger donations. So if anyone is interested and within a reasonable driving distance of Cedar Rapids, IA or Omaha, NE area or Des Moines, IA area , I could help facilitate a driven shipment to Minn. in the near future. Just email me at I am not an acquaintance….but I would love to help in any way I could. I will put the word out in my area as well.

    • Debbie Woodward says:

      Tiel –

      Thank you. My brother and sister-in-law live in Iowa near the Nebraska border. I will put the word out to them too.

      You can contact me on my cell phone at (612) 363-5612.


  22. Bria Grace says:

    Just a heads up – you have 2 cans of infant formula (one regular, one soy-based), a small bottle of multivitamins, some Tylenol and Ibuprofen, a tube of Nystatin, some antibacterial soap and a tube of Hydrocortizone coming your way. A note about the Hydrocortizone – it was opened, but never used. (I mistakenly thought I used it once, but that was not the case. Just opened – never used.) If you decide you can’t use it because it has been opened, feel free to toss it. But it was just sitting on my shelf and I have no need for it, so if it can possibly be of some use to you, you are more than welcome to it. Let me go through some of my other things (I am a medic and have stashes of gauze and other such things) and I may be able to send more. So sorry – it seems like what I am sending is so little. I wish I could do more…

  23. heather says:

    Is there a place in boston that would collect these items to get them over to you guys… I live in the Massachusetts and would love to collect items with my school, but would not be able to pay for postage to get everything to Minneapolis!

    • Debbie Woodward says:


      Any chance you could collect coins/money and then shop on-line with someone who will ship for free?

      Otherwise, Licia will need to tell you if anyone is collecting from Boston.

    • haitirescuecenter says:

      Sorry, I’m unaware of any places in Boston collecting, some people are sending gift cards to Minneapolis. If you are looking to collect for Haiti in general, I’m sure there is a collection center in Boston.

    • Danni says:

      I am pretty sure you can order things from Walmart and instead of paying for shipping, you can designate them for pick up at a local walmart. Then all you need to do is find out what walmart is most convenient for Debbie.

  24. […] is organizing this effort to send two containers to Haiti.  Check out the extensive list of  items needed.   Please call Debbie, (612) 363-5612, to set up a time to drop off donations or you can mail […]

  25. Linda Harre says:

    Hi, Can we send other items to you? I sent you some ditty bags today, but then went and purchased 30 pair of sandals and some childrens clothing. I would like to send them to you as well if that is all right! I will keep collecting if I can send it your way. Thanks, Linda

  26. barb sanders says:

    When will the shipment be sent to Haiti? We’ll be sending a package from Indiana. Just wondering if we still have time.

  27. Emily says:

    My husband runs a children’s shelter here in TX, and they had a surplus of formula that we are sending to you guys (almost 30 cans of powder, I think). Also, it wasn’t on the list, but I know it’s always needed–we sent half a container of SILVADENE CREAM that we used when my daughter burned her hand. It is opened, but I was COMPLETELY OBSESSIVE about keeping the contents sterile, so you should still be able to use it (I hope). She had a very severe 2nd degree, and it has healed without even a scar because I did dressing changes 2-3x a day with that stuff–absolutely unbelievable!!! We picked up a few other small things, as well. I hope that it can get to you soon!

    Peace of Christ,

  28. Angie S says:

    Debbie, I wanted to give you a UPS tracking number- 1st box- K063 569 9806. It is packed pretty well so you may be able to just add it to the container without having to repack it. Just inside the top is a list of the contents.

  29. Sherry says:


    I am a pharmacist in Pennsylvania. I would like to gather some donations at my store to send to the center. Are there any pharmaceutical items you need more than others? When are you sending your shipments? Do you have any need for a pharmacist at HRC at this time? I would be willing to travel.

    • haitirescuecenter says:

      That would be FANTASTIC! We need Morphine, Ketamine, antibiotics, antifungals, silver sulphadine burn cream, scabies med, insulin 70/30, vitamins (syrup & pills), glucophage, naproxene, Ibuprofin, bi-antibiotics (pills, suspensions, ointments), ophthmalogic, optic, Lidocaine 2%
      These are our common needs, if we could get any of these it would be a huge blessing!

  30. […] Here is a link to the orginal post with the needs list. […]

  31. JoAnn says:

    Just heard about the tote bag project and want to make some up this weekend. Is it too late? Can you let me know ASAP? Thanks and THANK YOU for all you are doing!!

  32. Ingrid Melander says:

    I have medical supplies that we cannot return. They are not expired!!
    I have cases of sterile water, Jevity 1.5 high calories food supplement and cases of sterile catheter suction kits!! I can bring them to you if you want them!
    I am an RN working in assisted living and this will all go in the garbage if I can’t find a use for it!!
    Please call me soon. I can get it to you by early next week. Everything is in original packaging and sealed!! My personal cell phone is 612.747.3887 Thanks!!

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