Thoughts for today, Jan 25th

  • Today we went into the US embassy to see if we could get papers for Enoch (my husband) to travel to the USA with me to visit our boys in a few weeks.  They were no less that 5000 people waiting to get inside.  I was the only “blanc” that I saw expect for those doing adoptions. They said that they have no answer on his case.  To come back next Monday.
  • Dad found lunchmeat and cheese at a grocery store.  He was so proud of himself. 🙂
  • I had to pass through the area where there is over 100,000 bodies buried is mass graves.  It was a terrible feeling. Just terrible to know that so many were buried there just a few feet back off the road in some places.  The local TV station is still reporting that they are burying 12,000 per day, still.
  • The gas stations were opened and many places did not even have a line.
  • The open-air markets were up and running today like normal.  Which means we were able to get lots of fresh produce for the kids to eat.
  • There are some banks opened and money transfer stations opened.
  • There are lots of kids that do not have parents.  Some of these kids are too small to talk.  Everyone needs to be careful with what happens to these children.  We have heard that the Red Cross is setting up a system with these kids pictures.  This way family members can go and check out the board and see if they can match any of these families back together. It would be so tragic for a child to be put up for adoption when the parents thought they had died.  Keeping families together is must right now.
  • Anna is coming in this afternoon!
  • Lori is returning from the Comfort ship this afternoon!
  • It is going to take years, and years to rebuild this country.
  • We have heard that there is one water port opened in town.
  • They have officially stopped searching for bodies.
  • There are lots of US troops on the ground.  So many are so young.  There were many at the embassy today.  The order of command is Haitian national police, UN troops, US troops.  US troops only assisting when needed.
  • The CNE director is reporting uncovering bodies at schools.  Some schools have 400 to 500 dead.
  • People are beginning to dump the rubble along the road out towards the dump area.  People are picking through the broken concrete and pulling out iron rebar pieces to be able to sell as scrap.
  • There are tent cities everywhere.  Although not to many real tents.  Just sheets tied to sticks for shelter.
  • Everyone is praying that is does not rain.  No one thinks God would do that now.
  • There is no electric.  Everything in town is being run by generators, inverters and solar panels.
  • Haitians are the strongest people that I know.  The strongest.
  • Almost every house in Cazale has accepted people from Port-au-Prince into their homes.  Some they know and some they do not know.  The government is busing people out-of-town for free. 
  • People from the community are still bringing in food for the kids in the RC.
  • Estimated that 4 to 5 thousand inmates escaped from the main prison downtown.
  • Never knew it was possible to miss my kids so much, but in the same moment so thankful that they are alive.
  • So many stories of missing family members.  Some kids just went out to buy some bread and never returned.  No one knows if they are buried in the mass graves or just lost.
  • We will survive, we will make it.  We always have.  Haitians the strongest people I know.

Lespwa fe viv

Hope gives life.

Hope gives one the strenght to carry on.


21 Responses to Thoughts for today, Jan 25th

  1. Jan Fox says:

    So good to hear from you! Can we send checks directly to you, now the banks are open? Or does Casey need more gift cards? Or do you want formula. and beans and rice mailed to you. Just not sure how the mail delivery is going. Thank God for the tech ability to share pictures of Casey and the boys. I know seeing their smiles has to be a comfort to both you and Enoch. Everyone at church is keeping up on things about Haiti, but we only see and hear what the govt. wants to tell us. Until I hear from you, we will just all pray for Enoch’s visa to go through. Love ” Markleville Jan”

  2. nancy says:

    Thank you for sharing what you are seeing and feeling. My heart breaks for Haiti.

  3. […] saw this on the Real Hope for Haiti blog […]

  4. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for sharing.. Praying for Enoch’s visa.

  5. Claire Abel says:

    We were just talking about the emotional damage these families will have with never knowing if the family member is missing or dead. I am guessing dna testing will come into play somewhere down the line. God is in control and even though we don’t know where He is going with all this – we have to remember He wants good for us and keep our faith.
    It’s going to affect the kids like when the slaves were taken from Africa and they didn’t know who was who. I have a good friend who found out several cousins married they were slaves at different places and didn’t know they were related. We need God’s mercy and grace and all His love to pour out on Haiti and His people.

  6. Tara says:

    Licia, wasn’t sure if you knew or not but there’s a quote from you in People magazine, the Feb 1st edition. Thank you for all you do for those children and Haitians in general, praying for you.

  7. Thank you for sharing. Praying for all of you.

    In HOPE,

  8. Christina Jackson says:

    Praying for you all.
    Maranatha orphanage gps coord. 18°43.181’   W 072°22.430’
    150 kids with no urgent medicalneeds on day 13 of no food water. Is there any help we can get to them?!?!

  9. Lori West says:

    Lori or Licia.
    Got a list from Lori on the 21st. Leslie from Citizen Action Relief Database needs to know if you have gotten any aid/relief as of today from any organizations. let me know asap
    Lori at HCH

  10. celia says:

    my prayers and others in Barbados are with you all.Our island is not as big as Haiti so the numbers is so astounding,we are totally stunned.We all are helping also can you tell me how you get to adopt those kids.Please keep posting i only get a little watered down version on the lone channel i have.GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  11. Terri says:

    I keep checking your post and covering you all in my prayers. Your updates are so appreciated and I was so glad to hear of the availability of fresh veggies/fruit as well as fuel! I met your boys at church last night and they are beautiful and sweet boys! I can only imagine how much you miss them! Phyllis and Hannah were loving on them and my 8-year-old daughter said “Casey’s nephews are really nice!!!” We’re continuing to pray for Enoch’s Visa … we’re trusting for a miracle!

  12. Dawn S says:

    You and your family do amazing things and I feel so blessed that I was able to see and be a part of that for just a short time a few months ago. You and your family and the people of Haiti are always on my mind and in my prayers.

    Praying for you and Enoch especially that his paperwork will go through and you will both be able to go see the boys.

  13. cindi says:

    Licia, praying for God to intervene at the Embassy and issue Enoch’s visa. I know how much you miss the boys. I thank Him often for computers so we can see and hear from our babies. Please know that my neck of the woods is very concerned for you and the people of Cazale, praying often. Especially for encouragement, strength and stamina. Hang in there, help is coming!!! We love you.

  14. Would also like information on how to adopting a hatian orphan.

  15. I would like information on adopting a Haitian orphan. thank you.

    • haitirescuecenter says:

      Right now, the only orphans being adopted out are children who had already been in the process pre-earthquake.

  16. Carmen says:


  17. Trish Newton says:

    We hold you and your families in our prayers, and pray for all the people in Haiti who are struggling and mourning. I hope Haiti will hold a national day of mourning soon. It would start the healing….

    It’s good to see pictures of the kids!

  18. Chris says:

    one of the most honest and helpful updates I have read on Haiti thus far.
    May God provide all your needs.

  19. Our prayers are with you from California. We pray for your welfare all the time, that God would provide for all your needs and give you spiritual energy and physical energy too! Has the money donated on your Paypal account started reaching you? I’m linking you every day on my blog.

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