It has been made know to us that several places like Home Depot, and other department stores have free shipping or free shipping is you order to over a certain amount.  Just wanted to put that out there for those sending items to MN.  This might be a good way to buy supplies and get it to the warehouse for free.  You guys check it out and let others know in the comment section.  Thanks to everyone for all your help!


9 Responses to Shipping

  1. Sarah says:

    Home Depot – free shipping on most orders over $49

  2. Hi, Licia!
    Where is your warehouse? In the States? We would love to know so we could ship stuff we collect for you guys there.
    Laurie J

    • haitirescuecenter says:

      There is a woman collecting in Minneapolis:
      Debbie Woodward
      1500 Jackson St NE
      Minneapolis, MN 55413
      (612) 3636-5612

      She is hoping to get enough supplies to fill a container to ship to Haiti.

  3. Here’s the address for the Rescue Center’s warehouse, from an earlier post on the site:

    Debbie Woodward
    1500 Jackson Street NE
    Minneapolis, MN 55413

    • Debbie Woodward says:

      It is a multi-tenant building. You may want to add:

      Debbie Woodward
      Main Office
      Northrup King Building
      1500 Jackson St. NE
      Minneapolis, MN 55413

  4. Claire Abel says:

    Can you use air mattresses? Or just regular ones? I was thinking you could ship them easier and you could wash them ?

  5. kim jones says:

    Jim Miller is my pastor. He said that Zack was planning to come up to Indiana in the spring. I was going to try to have a fund-stuff raiser. Do you have a time he will be here? What is the best thing to plan. Also, I am a geriatric RN. I would be so willing to come down. I have my passport app filled out, but have not applied if I am not needed for awhile. I’m also pretty handy with construction. Been following your blog since the quake. Thanks for the info. kim

  6. Debbie Woodward says:

    Just received the cutest ditty bags in Minneapolis. Getting them ready to go to Haiti. Check them out at

    THANKS Sandy and Tony!!

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