Never a dull Moment…

Things were slowing down tonight when we got a call…

yeah, thats right. Just when you think its all come at you, your youngest son tests positive for malaria.  And he’s really far away.  Luckily, he’s with Uncle Casey who walked into a clinic with the child straight from Haiti with no medical insurance- calm cool and collected- and got him tested.  Luckily again, Casey’s wife Briana,  just happens to be a doctor and Trey could not be in better hands right now.  There are varying degrees of Malaria (1-4) and he is a 1.  Briana, who is due to deliver via sea-section on Tuesday will be caring for Trey and they are starting him on medication tonight… THANKS BRIANA AND CASEY! YOU GUYS ROCK!  Please pray for Trey, Briana and Casey…

Oh, and all the nurses flipped out and made everyone wear masks when they came in thinking he might have malaria (no offense but come on!?)


13 Responses to Never a dull Moment…

  1. tamara cosby says:

    I am so sorry Reruns is sick but I do want to smack the nurses! Seriously! 🙂

  2. tamara cosby says:

    Stupid phone…reruns was supposed to be Trey and it changed it. Ugh!

  3. tara says:

    Troy had meningitis right after returning from Haiti — it was like an episode of House MD === they all came in and looked at the weird guy from Haiti and his weird ailments … they were double gloved and masked.

  4. Carmen says:

    praying, so thankful he is in good hands, so glad the nurses learned someting about malaria:-)

  5. Angie S says:

    Prayers for all of you. I know it’s hard having a sick one so far away.

  6. Sharon says:

    Praying for Trey! I’m sure as a mama your heart is aching to be with him. I’m so glad he is with Casey and Briana and I agree he is in good hands. Get well fast, Trey! I’m also praying for that 20 year old and for her family…I just cried like a baby just now over her. God bless you for your work and I pray His Presence will be with you continually. That is so funny about the nurses in SEA. Bless their hearts. Love to all.

  7. Sharon says:

    Praying for Trey! I know as a mama your heart is aching to be with him. Praying for you too. He is in good hands with Casey and Briana. That is so funny about those nurses in Seattle. Bless their hearts. I also prayed for that 20 year old and cried like a baby. I pray and ask Jesus for a miracle. Heal her Lord. Bless all of you for taking in those patients. I hope I don’t have duplicate replies I thought I sent submit but it went bye-bye the first time…love to all.

  8. Bekki says:

    Eddie is shaking his head about the nurses – honestly, he’s only been nurse 8 years and HE knows better. I even know that malaria isn’t airborne – and I’m not a medical person at all! Praying for the Zachary/Betor/Moise families!

  9. LaDonna says:

    Wow! I’m not even a nurse and I know that malaria is not contagious. It sounds like he is in great hands.

  10. Krista says:

    Praying for all! Thank you Casey and Briana! Lord, take care of Trey and bless the family in Seattle and Haiti! I am also praying for the delivery of this new little one into the family on Tuesday!

  11. Jan Fox says:

    Not Hurricanes, nor earthquakes can get tis family down! Casey, you and Brianna are amazing! So very proud to know you. If anyone can handle this It is you guys. Let us know how things go. I mean pictures and all!!! Love you guys . Markleville Jan

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