This is the little boys that was admitted from the Comfort ship a few days ago.  We were able to located his uncle pictured with him below.  He was rescued from his home three days after the quake but international rescue teams.  He was taken to the ship.  Imagine how he and his family felt in the days there was no contact.  Both we so happy to see each other.  We found out that he was the one that lived from his house.  There were 8 members that died.  This included his mother and siblings.  His father is still alive but he has never taken care of him or known him.  The family has no house to live in so we will keep him here awhile long to recover. His uncle is working on finding a place for them to live.

This is another child that was transfered from the Comfort Ship.  She was pulled from the rubble by a group of Haitian working together to free those trapped.  She was taken to a hospital and then transported to the ship.  She had not seen or heard from her family in many days.  She was scared and wanted her family.  We got all the info we could from her and sent someone to the area she was from to try to find her family.  When the cousin of the boy above arrived he has met this little girls dad after the quake.  He knew his name and where he worked.  Within a matter of minutes we had her dad on the phone.  There was so much joy and excitement in her voice as she talked to her dad.  He was out here in just a few hours.  She returned hom with him and there was a big celebration when she arrived.  He called again this AM to thank us and tell us they arrived safely.  God is good! 

As always in our work here there are joys and sorrows.  Yesterday there was a young man that was trying to kill himself by drinking battery acid.  He has been vomiting blood since yesterday.  He is still alive this AM.

We had two deaths yesterday.  A young child and an older man who was in the RC.  We are making plans today to bury them.


11 Responses to Updates

  1. Rob says:

    Glad to hear the reunions with family members. I know that gives those kids some hope in a horrible time in their life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Danielle Kelly says:

    What a beautiful little girl! The dad looks so happy to find her. Glad to hear some of the good stories.

  3. Cindy says:

    Thank you so much for posting these stories. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus.

  4. Carmen says:

    so thankful for the families reunited – what a blessing – praying

  5. Bekki says:

    Glad to hear some happy stories! God is so good – in the midst of it all – His love shines through, and through you! BIG HUGS!

  6. kathy says:

    Does the uncle in the first picture have the resources to get a place? I have a little I’d like to send to help him if he needs it. Let me know.

  7. Bonnie says:

    Praying every day for each day’s joys and sorrows. It is a privilege to share them with you, and I hope our presence lightens your load.

  8. Sara W. says:

    Same question as Kathy above asked….does the uncle have the resources to get a place?

    Please post how to help him.

  9. J in Sweden says:

    so nice to hear some positive updates!
    Thank you

  10. CC says:

    Oh my goodness, the work you are doing is indeed blessed. The picture of that dad holding his little girl gave me goosebumps, that is what pure joy looks like. Thank you for being the hands, feet, and heart of God.

  11. Amey Clark says:

    I would like to send some money to help the uncle and the little boy also.

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