Se lavi

Enoch and I decided to send our boys back to the USA after the recent earthquake here in Haiti.  They were scared, we were scared and we all thought it would be better for them to stay with family in the USA for awhile.  On Jan 22nd we traveled in the US embassy in Port-au-Prince.  We we hoping that Enoch might be able to get a visa to travel with me to the USA to visit the kids.  Enoch and I have been married for 10 years.  I have lived in Haiti for 15 years.  Enoch has tried twice to be approved for a visitors visa. He has three children that are US citizens.  He has been denied twice.  So when we got to the US embassy we tried to talk to someone their to see if they could help us.  There were many US troops guarding the outside of the embassy.  A few actually answer you when you spoke to them.  Most just screamed at everyone and told them to move and get away and stop standing.  I got the attention of a federal agent and explained my case.  He assured me that Enoch would be able to leave with me.  They let me inside because I was pregnant and said they would help us.  

 A woman in charge came out and talked with us and was very helpful and nice.   We  were placed in with a group of people that had waited since the day before to be seen.  All had been promised the day before that they could apply for a visa.  When we arrived inside they said they the visa department was closed and we could only apply for humanitarian parole.  I was not sure what this was.  We sat inside the embassy and the US troops came and gave us water and food.  We got up to the window and talked to a very nice woman.  She normally worked in Mexico and the American embassy there.  She spent time with us and answered all our questions.  She told me there was no reason that Enoch would not be approved.  We just had to wait three days to be approved by the state department.  They asked me to go to the airport right away and said Enoch would be able to leave in three days. I decided against this and wanted to wait and see what happened with his case. 

We returned on Jan 25th (three days later).  The embassy took those with the cards they had given us inside the front yard.  They lined us up we each had to go through a line.  When we got to the front a man took Enoch’s passport and said they were requesting the passport so that they could put the visa inside.  I tried to tell him that we did not apply for a visa but he said they needed Enoch’s passport anyway.  We left that day and they told us to return on the 1st of Feb.  We returned bright and early that morning.  The troops were the only ones outside.  They were yelling and pushing and cussing at everyone.  I showed my US passport and they laughed at me and said what do you want us to do.  I said can you please answer a question for us.  They told us no.  After talking to about 5 different US troops and walking back and forth I finally got one to tell me that the State department had not made a decision and we needed to again return on Feb 5th.  On Feb 5th, we again left before daylight and traveled for over 1 hour to get the US embassy.  When we arrived there were lots of very mad people.  Everyone was yelling at everyone else.  We tried to make our way up to the US embassy only to be yelled at by the US troops to get back!  Don’t stand there!  Move!  I made my way through the crowd and finally got around to the front of the embassy. 

There were about 6 US troops members there.  I went up and asked one a questions.  He said to move the F–k back and to not talk to him.  I moved on to the next troop and he said he did not care if I was a US citizen to move back!  We went down to the other end of the embassy and tried to talk to someone there.  I told them that I was pregnant and just wanted to talk to someone.  He laughed at me and said you see that line over there.  Everyone of them people are pregnant-even the little kids and men and laughed.   I said can you please just answer a question for me please.  He said move the F–k back lady.  I said please and he pushed me with his gun and said you move or I will move you.  Enoch said you cannot treat a US citizen like that.  He said watch me.  I turned away and he then pushed Enoch into the street where traffic was.  He then said he hated all the Haitian that were there and did not want to talk to any white US missionaries.  He then said a string of cuss words.  The Haitians standing around were mad at him for treating us like this.  They started yelling at him and told him that they would not treat their own like he was treating the US citizens there that day and he should want to help the US citizens.  They said you treat your own people like animals.  He laughed and again said a string of foul words.

I was so shocked I just walked away.  So very shocked.  There was a line of about 2000 people.  Not a joke.  many had US passports, all were being treated just like I was.  The troops were nasty and laughing at everyone.  They were making so many mad and making the whole situation worse.  It was sad, and not right.  Many waiting in line were children, small babies, and other pregnant women.  We left there Friday, confused and defeated.  Enoch returned today.  He got in line at 1am.  They took people in today 10 at a time.  They told them no US citizens spouses or children were arroved for humanitarian parole.   When he finally got to the front of the table they looked in a box and told him his passport was lost.  They handed him two printed out papers that they were handing everyone.  He said what do I need to do to get my passport back and they said they did not know. He asked when he needed to return to pick it up and they said they did not know. 

I have no faith in anyone here.  I have no faith in anyone to help us.  I have been down this road before when we worked on Carmelo’s adoption.  Broken promises, lies and hurt.  We have contacted two Senators in Indiana.  One office was contacted last Monday (Feb 1st) they wrote on (Feb 3rd) they asked Enoch’s name and passport number.  I wrote them two more times with no answer.  We are defeated, we are hurt, we are tired.  Anyone that thinks it is not “God’s will” after 10 years of married and three kids that Enoch does not get a chance to have a break with me is total an insane person. 

Have I given up on God.  NO!  Are you kidding me.  There is just something about being on the front lines so to speak.  You get used to these things, you just go on, you just live.   We do not know where to go from here.  I would like to try and apply for an immigrant visa for Enoch.  Some say I can while living here in Haiti due to working for an NGO.  Some say I cannot and have to go live in the US until the process is complete.  We do not want to live in the US.  We just want Enoch to be able to travel with his family.  So simple but so impossible at times. 

Tomorrow we go to the OB/GYN doctor.  We are hoping for a relaxing day away.  The road to the doctors office is blocked off.  They are trying to remove debris from the road where his office is at. So we will park and walk there. We talked to him and he is still up and running.  Pray for us.

Proverbs 21:30-31 (The Message)

 30 Nothing clever, nothing conceived, nothing contrived,
   can get the better of God.

 31 Do your best, prepare for the worst—
   then trust God to bring victory.

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  1. Kathy Costley-Sakona says:

    Reading this had me in tears. I am SO sorry that you are dealing with this. How can our troops conduct themselves this way? I am sure that it is not an easy or pleasant job to be doing what they are doing right now, but it isn’t easy or pleasant for all those living through this. It makes me ashamed that our own troops could act this way. With all that you have been doing, I cannot imagine how you are feeling right now. Please know our family is praying and will continue to pray, for you and your family. It may seem odd to say that we love you when we have never met, but we do. Praying God’s peace and provision for you.

  2. Angie S says:

    Tears for you and prayers for you!

  3. Tina says:

    I am speechless to read what happened to you. I am crying out to our good and powerful God to work on your behalf….

  4. Sandra Deal says:

    Be encouraged! Many of your brothers and sisters in the Lord are praying for you. May God give you great peace & strenghth and enable you to stand when all you can do is stand. The bitterness makes the sweet much sweeter when it comes! Love and Blessings from Oklahoma!

  5. Claire Abel says:

    May God’s Grace and Mercy be upon you all.

  6. Carmen says:

    praying and contacting congress

  7. Hags-n-Haiti says:

    i just simply can’t believe this post, but i DO believe it, as i have heard others having a hard time.
    this is not right. what can WE do to help? can we write or call on your behalf? are you getting the names of these troops??

  8. rachelle says:

    i am so sorry to hear about all of this, it is so sad to see how people act. i am praying for you and your family. i will also pray for the Holy Spirit to draw those angry and rude men to Himself.

  9. tara says:

    I will personally pound on anyone who tells you it is God’s will for Enoch to stay in Haiti. I basically came here prepared to do that. let me know when you need me.

  10. Mari says:

    I am so sorry to hear about this and as a US citizen it makes me ashamed!

  11. Susanna says:

    Did you write down the names of the soldiers? Ranks and unit would also be good to include when you write you letter of concern. You absolutely should send a letter or e-mail to someone in charge. This is certianly a puplic affairs gone terribly wrong. I’m so sorry to hear of this! I can understand soldiers not being able to answer questions as they are not embassy workers, but physical shoving and verbal altercations don’t help. Try and learn where they are from and you might have an easier time getting ahold of the inspector general or commanding officer who can get to the bottom of this crowd control protocol failure. Working the chain of command or chain of concern is often the best way to fix problems in the army. I find honey works better than vinager…especially when dealing with the gruffest soldiers (most of whom are better warriors than peacekeepers…something they’re still trying to figure out how to do).

  12. Amy says:

    You’re pregnant? Congrats!! Praying for you.

  13. amanda says:

    I am so sorry to read this. My husband is a US Soldier, and I assure you this is absolutely unacceptable… but I am sure you thought that too, until it happened to you. I am so terribly sorry. Susanna (earlier commenter) is right, if you could track down the names and rank it would help. And either way, a complaint should be voiced.

    I will be praying for God’s hand to reach forth and make a way for you, for your family, to be together. He will bring you victory, and it will be glorious.

  14. Lori says:

    I am embarrassed and ashamed that U.S. troops would treat ANYONE the way you were treated.

    Please don’t say that God is not in control of EVERY circumstance. I mean, think about it. What is the alternative? That some things happen that He doesn’t catch? He “lets” things happen because He is busy elsewhere?

    I can understand your frustration – I am waiting on an adoption through India and don’t particularly love the wait we are enduring for reasons unknown. However, it IS in God’s hands. He does have a purpose for everything and it may never be obvious to us what that purpose is, but all that happens is His will. If we can’t hang on to that truth, what do we have to count on?

    I will be praying that God would move in the hearts of those who need to allow your husband to visit your children in the U.S. I will also pray that God’s name would be glorified through this situation and His power will be shown – no matter how it is resolved.

    Just so you know, I speak from a place of experience. Our son died in an accident three and a half years ago, a few months before he turned fifteen. If I didn’t have complete faith that God numbers our days and was there in that situation and in COMPLETE control I do not know how I would have survived. Nothing is an accident, nothing is a coincidence. We can’t just like God’s will if it goes the way we want it to.

    I have so enjoyed keeping up with your blog and will continue to pray for your family and the work you are doing in Haiti. May God bless you for your selfless work in His name and may you have a sweet reunion with your children very soon. Congratulations on your new baby too!

  15. Theresa says:


    my heart breaks for you that you can’t travel with your husband of TEN years! to visit your children. And to be treated that way by the troops at the US Embassy. I will be praying that something will happen for you & Enoch and that you will be able to travel to the US together.

    Big hugs & lots of prayers!

  16. Bekki says:

    Licia, dear dear Licia, when I take over the world I will bring Enoch to the states in my personal aircraft. Until then, I am praying for you.

  17. Happymom4 says:

    Licia, praying for you for wisdom . . and praying for Enoch to be allowed to come to the USA with you and your children. I’m posting this on FB and asking others to spread the word. SOMEONE has got to be able to do something positive.

  18. Emily says:

    My heart aches for you both, Licia! I will pray for you and this devastating (and appalling!) situation. But our citizenship is in heaven… that is my hope tonight.

  19. Piper Hackett says:

    Dear Licia,

    My name is Piper Hackett and I am a non-practicing attorney in Seattle. I belong to a group of women attorneys who are also mothers- MAMAS- and we have 747 members currently. I just posted a link to your story on our listserv with an urgent request for an immigration attorney to help you. I am not sure how many of the members practice immigration law, but several probably do- I hope and pray that one of them can help you!

    I have been meaning to post a comment since I began reading your blog shortly after the earthquake. I wanted to read accounts from people on the ground instead of what the major media was reporting. I put “Haiti blog” in Google and your blog was one of the first that came up. It was the only one I read and continue to read.

    The work that you do is truly amazing. You are inspiring to me! I will not be able to accurately convey how I feel via this comment…just please know that you and your staff (and sister and father) are truly amazing individuals (I read about your backgrounds on your blog). I wish there was some way I could help you.

    Because I am in Seattle, if your brother and sister-in-law and your sons need anything- anything at all- please, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am a mother of a two-year-old son and my husband, son, and I live in NE Seattle. I may have gently used clothing for your boys but I don’t know what sizes they need. If they need anything please let me know.

    As I said, I wish I could help you. I posted that message on the listserv and I am praying that someone can help you with your husband’s visa. I am so, so sorry that you have to deal with this…I wish it were easier. I can’t imagine how much you miss your boys.

    I agree with the person who posted earlier re: getting the names/ranks/numbers of any soldier who mistreats you. A close friend of mine is a JAG for the Army here near Seattle- he deals with these types of matters. If you get names/numbers/ranks, you can email me and I can see if he can offer any guidance.

    Take care, stay strong, and I hope you will be reunited with your boys soon, with your husband, too. I will be praying for you all.

  20. Only God is JUST. I’m so sorry.

    Love from Alaska,

  21. My husband is retired military and I am heartsick and shocked reading this. Please make a note of these men’s names, and if possible rank and branch of service- their rank is determined by the insignia on their sleeves. A complaint needs to go up the chain of command- publicize them if necessary. They need to be reprimanded and properly trained in how to do their jobs. WE pay their salaries, after all.

    I will be praying for these foolish young men with such gaping holes in their hearts and souls, and I will be praying for you, as well. Enoch should certainly be allowed to visit his children- indeed, he shouldn’t even need the government’s permission for that.

  22. Juli says:

    As an American living overseas your experience scares me. It is outrageous. I know the situtation is so very difficult, but the US military should not be treating anyone that way regardless of the country their passport has been issued from. Your story needs to get out so people can do something. If you have any suggestions of who to write to, please post them here and I will write to them.

    Congratulations on your baby. I hope your appointment brings joy to your day.

  23. Karen Osler says:

    I was so saddened by this post. For you and Enoch, and all the “good guys” I know are in the military. I am sorry to see the tone change. Last week we were at PAP Gen. and staffed night shift. The military was very nice and respectful. I am sending this to a friend who is a higher ranking official and to my senators in Ohio. Unacceptable. I also sent this to a friend who is waiting to get married to Daniel, a native Haitian…..doesn’t look good for him. Karen
    PS I didn’t know you were pregnant! Congrats!

  24. Chris says:

    I too will write to people on your behalf. Please let us know who to talk to.

    How long is the process for Enoch to get residency? I know it might be longer than you would want, but hopefully it would solve all of this. He would be able to come and go.

    Immegration was a big pain before the quake, so I know its even worse now. My (Haitian) Mother in law applied for a travel VISA and was denied. They told her because she has 4 kids in the states (and 6 still in Haiti mind you), that she had to apply for residency.

  25. Loren Martin says:

    As an American Airman myself, I apologize for the way our troops have been handling themselves. Like someone else said, a name rank, and unit would be helpful in tracking down their commanding officer. Also bear in mind that these soldiers, airmen,and Marines are experiencing a lot of stress both here, in Haiti and in the battle field in Iraq and Afghanistan. They have literally thousands of people everyday asking for help they can’t give. And from personal experience, you get “hardened” towards people asking for help. I’m not excusing their behavior in anyway.
    If you get me their info, I might be able to track their supervision down for you.
    Airman First Class Loren Martin
    Whiteman Air Force Base Missouri.

  26. Jodi Severe says:


    This is horrible…absolutely horrible. I have never posted before, but wanted to let you know that you CAN apply for an immigrant visa for Enoch. Because you are a US citizen you are eligible to apply for him and he will receive his green card. You do not have to live in the USA while it is being processed. I applied for my husband, who is Haitian, a couple years ago and traveled back and forth while it was processed. It does not matter where you are at the time. I don’t know how the process has changed due to the earthquake, but USCIS has said they are expediting family-based petitions for those with loved ones in Haiti. This petition usually takes at least 6 months to process (Ours took nearly 2 years!). Anyway, I hope this helps a little. God Bless you and your family during this difficult time. Prayers are always going up for you.

    Jodi Severe
    Orlando, FL

  27. Heather says:

    Embarrassing, shameful and disgusting. There is no excuse. I am so sorry that you and thousands like you have had to endure such treatment. I am praying Ephesians 3:14-20 over you and your situation today.

  28. Lindsey S says:


    Please let us know which senators in Indiana to contact. I promise I will do everything I can to rally kind/Christian people on your behalf. It seems that having a barrage of phone calls about situations like yours is what’s getting certain cases taken care of.



  29. Missy says:

    I am so appalled at the troops!

    Licia, when our friends the Parkers could not get their adopted son out of Haiti, their community here in Houston went wild contacting senators and Haitian officials and it WORKED. Please list the names of your senators etc and we will make sure they are so bombarded they will do whatever it takes to get us to shut up!!

  30. IslandBoy says:

    I posted a link to your website on AC360 of CNN asking them to run a story on you and to help you get home. Praying for you.
    D and W

  31. Bobbi says:

    I enjoy reading your blog, we adopted a 3 year old boy from God’s Littlest Angels 2 years ago and live in the U.S. I really feel you need to be contacting someone about the way our troops are conducting themselves. I too am shocked by all you said happened and will pray about your husband’s visa.
    God bless, Bobbi

  32. dawn says:

    I cried as I read this. I am so embarrassed by our troops and saddened that you had to endure this.

    Like the others said, please list who we can contact in Indiana for you. I will put it on my blog and FB as soon as you post names. I am also contacting Soledad O’Brien and Anderson Cooper (who is going back to Haiti). Maybe they can get this story out.

    And hey, congratulations on the little buggaboo!! 🙂

  33. Lindsey S says:


    I just spoke with the local office for Mike Pence about your case. They will be contacting you via email to get the particulars so they can interven on your behalf. You need ot be contacting the national congressman and senators not your state ones. Here is their info. All offices in DC today are closed because of a snowstorm. So the better bet would be to call local offics for senators today and DC offics tomorrow. I’ve heard DC offices for senators are quicker about responding than local ones, but why not try them all. I’m also attaching their home pages so they can be emailed in addition to called.

    Congressman Mike Pence
    6th Congressional District of Indiana
    DC office 202.2225.3021
    Local office – 765.640.2919 (should be contacting you)

    Mike Pence, Sixth District link for map

    Washington DC
    1431 Longworth HOB
    Washington, DC 20515
    (202) 225-3021 office
    (202) 225-3382 fax

    Anderson Office
    1134 Meridian Plaza
    Anderson, IN 46016
    (765) 640-2919 office
    (765) 640-2922 fax

    Evan Bayh (D) for webpage to email

    Washington Office

    131 Russell Building
    202-228-1377 Fax

    United States Senate

    Washington, D.C. 20510

    Indianapolis Office
    317-554-0750 for webpage to email

    Washington Office

    306 Hart Senate Office Building
    202-228-0360 Fax

    Washington, D.C. 20510-1401

    Indianapolis Office

  34. Gracie says:

    I can not begin to fathom your inner most feelings – as you well know – God can! I am prying for you and your man – God WILL bring you victory. Amen.

  35. drlauraseay says:

    Licia, you need to contact your Congressmen and Senators with details of how the soldiers treated you. Did you get the chance to write down any names, brigade numbers, anything like that?

  36. drlauraseay says:

    Also, you can apply for a green card for Enoch even though you don’t reside in the U.S. If I were you, I would wait until things settle down at the embassy as it’s unlikely they’re processing those kinds of things right now. The best way to get info on that would be to have someone stateside contact the State Department in DC directly.

  37. Annette says:

    I am so so sorry you have been treated this way and have had to go thru this. It is shameful. I am praying for you and am so hopeful that some of your readers with the right connections will be able to help your situation.

  38. Brandi says:

    This post makes me absolutely sick! The “white” missionaries seem to be the only ones representing the Unites States with any compassion at the moment. I don’t personally know you but please let me know if there is anything I can do from the U.S. side. I’ll be happy to send emails or write letters to senetors. Just let me know how I can help.

  39. Barb says:

    I am praying your situation will come to the attention of someone who can help. I have contacted our Indiana Senators, Representatives and decided to send my plea to the Whitehouse. Your treatment by our US Troops was very disturbing.

  40. Jan Fox says:

    I have contacted Congressman Mike Pence’s office and they have a man named Kevin Sulc working on this. His email is I am trying to contact the govenor and maybe go from there. Paul Wilson is also working on this. His email is pwilson@madisoncty. Will work on this all day!! Love

  41. Piper says:

    Hello again,

    I got a referral for a woman who would like to speak to you- her name is Susan Pai and here is the website for her law office: She is an immigration attorney working in Florida. She said you can call her (number on the website) or email her:

    Good luck with Enoch’s visa.

  42. Suzanne says:

    Wow! I am so sorry. I am shocked and at a loss as to why they would treat US citazins in this manner.

  43. Sharon says:

    Licia – I am so saddened that US military personnel would treat anyone _ much less US citizens in this manner! How awful! My only excuse would be that many of these men are terribly young and obviously have not been raised right. I too will be praying for them and for you and your family. Thank you for posting all of this, we Americans need to know this and we all need to be praying. I’m just sooooo sad that you and Enoch were treated so badly and by our military. They should come to your rescue – not shout curses at you and shove you around! I wish I could go some place to cry but I’m at work. 😦 Love to all.

  44. Kim says:

    I am sorry this happened, and hope soon God will soften the hearts of the troops that mistreated you or anyone else in that matter.

  45. Terri says:

    I am SO sorry you have experienced this – it is jaw dropping, heart grieving, soul sickening! I am also in awe as I read the posts and see God’s hand at work – I am continuing to pray for you and Enoch as you walk out this difficult journey! I will continue to praise our omminpotent Father in heaven and trust in His justice and righteousness as it seems we live in a world gone mad. Praying for you all! Terri

  46. Carmen says:

    Here are the rest of the contacts for Indiana
    ask to speak with person who handles immigration

    Indiana 6th District US Representative – Mike Pence
    Washington D.C. – 202 225-3021
    Anderson, IN – 765 640-2919
    Richmond, IN – 765 962-2883
    Muncie, IN – 765 747-5566

    Indiana Senator – Richard Lugar
    Washington, D.C. – (202) 224-4814
    Evansville – (812) 465-6313
    Fort Wayne – (260) 422-1505
    Indianapolis – (317) 226-5555
    Valparaiso – (219) 548-8035

    Indiana Senator – Evan Bayh
    Washington – 202-224-5623
    Indianapolis – 317-554-0750
    Evansville – 812-465-6500
    Fort Wayne – 260-426-3151
    Hammond – 219-852-2763
    Jefferson – 812-218-2317
    South Bend – 574-236-8302

  47. Heather says:

    Licia, I asked my hubby about this as he is a Colonel in the AF. He replied this:”Sounds like pretty typical behavior for low ranking enlisted who are in over their head, overworked and over stressed. Best thing to do is just get a name, branch of service, and rank from their uniform (even just a description of the rank, i.e. number of stripes up and down, most likely zero down and only a couple up from the sound of things). It’d be really helpful if we had a unit too, but they are not likely to give that out. With that info I or someone else can get feedback to their CO and change things from the top down. ”

    Hope the immigration lawyers are able to help!!

  48. Sonia says:

    Licia- I can’t believe that such a horrible thing is happening to such good people, but yet I know it is. They have no right to treat you that way or anyone else for that matter. Oue US troops were sent there to help, not to make matters worse. They MUST be held accountable for their actions before things escalate further. I will be posting a link to your blog on my FB page and hopefully it will draw some attention from the right people. My heart is breaking for you right now. As always, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. And congtats on the new lil one on the way! Keeping my fingers crossed for a girl this time!!!!

  49. Ellie says:

    wrote letters for you and am praying. I married to a “alien” :), too. It took a few years, but we were able to get him citizenship. The embassies were rude to us, too. Despite the fact that I had an obviously mixed child with a birth certificate stating that we were the parents sitting on top of my obviously pregnant belly, we still were rudely questioned by immigration officers to determine that it wasn’t a “sham marriage”. Umm.. yeah, and these are “sham kids”, too!


  50. Rob says:

    Licia, I am so sorry you have had to deal with this. Its horrible and unacceptable. Have you contaced Mike Pence’s office. He is your representative here in Indiana. He is a Christian and I know he helped us when we were trying to get Wislaine out of Haiti. Please contact him tell him your from Markleville/Pendelton area and need some help. Let me know if you hear anything. Blessing to you!

  51. Just want you to know that I e-mailed your blog about your treatment to my senator and representative with a note protesting your treatment. Get the names and ranks of the soldiers who treat you so badly. Their names should be on their uniform.

  52. Jim Sourwine says:

    I left a comment on AC 360 blog because he is back in the country and linked to your blog…maybe all your friends would like to comment on his blog and see if he will report on this mistreatment…no passport should ever be lost in a US Embassy regardless of country of issue…

  53. TheDeeZone says:

    I will be reposting this on my blog, FB & Twitter. This is absolutely horrible the way the US officials and troops have been treating you and others. Praying for you.

  54. Jan Fox says:

    Licia , I need Enoch’s Birthdate (a request fron Senator Pence.)

  55. Rachael says:

    I am so sorry to hear this. Anger, and tears swelled up several times… Our US soldiers treating people like this? I’m horrified! I’m aghast! My heart is with you and Enoch! You both are in my families prayers, as well as your children! I’ve been a long time follower of your blog, and sitting here in my So Cal Living Room, I wish there was SOMETHING I could do! ANYTHING!

  56. libby zarrahy says:

    If anyone reads this, please in addtion to whomever you are writing reach out to Anderson Cooper of CNN who is doing his best to cover the real story. Real Hope for Haiti has done so much and asked back for so little, perhpas Anderson will consider this a good story to cover – I am reaching out to him to implore his help. Please everyone ban together to help someone who has never turned anyone away from her door stop – welove you Licia and Enoch.

  57. […] ask you to take a few minutes and read Licia’s account of the horrendous way she and her husband have been treated in the past weeks.  By U.S. soldiers. […]

  58. Kayla says:

    As someone who found your blogs, 2 + years ago, one thing that has amazed me about your post earthquake blog is the number of commentors you are now getting. I can’t help but think of how your ministry now has many new followers. The number of people who are frustrated and sad for you is just a reflection of the that. And I also didn’t know you were expecting. Congratulations. Please also tell Lori that I prayed specifically for her tonight as she stands alongside you in your pregnancy. Despite her love for you and your family including the new baby, I’m sure it is hard at times for her. (Just assuming based on my own experiences and Lori’s explanation of her situation. Just wanted her to know that someone else was thinking of her in regards to this.)

  59. Kristen says:

    I will email the contacts above, too. I am so sorry for all this. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do. You have many people in the states you adore you from afar and are willing to go to bat for yoU!

  60. Jeni S. says:

    Believing God to bring beauty out of these ashes, not only for all the Haitian people, but for you and Enoch and your precious sons as well. He is the God who works through all men, whether they acknowledge him or not (Isaiah 45:4). In the unseen realms, He is even now working for you. Praying for peace, rest and hope to be restored to your weary souls and bodies.

  61. ned says:

    oh my god…i’m sorry to hear about this..i’ll help you to spread this to my connection

  62. Lauri Balbi says:

    Told your story last night at our missions’ potluck. You have lots of people here in California praying for you. Can’t imagine what you both must be feeling, trying to go see your boys. You are an inspiration to us all, letting Christ shine through even in the worse of situations.

  63. Joy says:

    I’m so sorry. How unjust! How frustrating and infuriating! I wish I had something encouraging to say… what can I say on God’s behalf? nothing. I do not understand what He’s doing. But all the same I am interceding for Enoch and you.

  64. Sandy Kinnaman says:

    I’m praying, of course, but I did send your blog concerning this along with my own disgruntled and disgusted reply to Mike Pence, Evan Bayh and Richard Lugar. Hope to get some response. I actually started out with Tim Lanane, IN Senator and he responded say he had received many e-mails concerning this and advise me to contact the 3 above. He also gave ways to send e-mails to them.
    As I said, PRAYING!

  65. Heather says:

    Please post updates… I’m also writing to my Texas representatives. Can’t hurt.

  66. […] NEED TO TAKE ACTION: 1. Read about the Betor family. Read about work since the earthquake. 2. Read the post titled “Se Lavi”. 3. Now take action… bug someone. Just because they are originally from Indiana doesn’t […]

  67. Ann says:

    I’m wondering if the American Embassy has his passport at the airport? It clicked with me that maybe it was sent there since you were told to go there. Just a thought. Tim said that the staff was very rude and no questions asked kind of attitude in the first few days after the quake at the airport, (he was there putting people on a plane) but maybe just maybe it might be a clue to where his passport ended up.

  68. anne k says:

    I’ve been following your blog since the earthquake from France. Impressed by the work you have been doing in your rescue centre for so many years.

    I was shocked by the unfair treatment you received at the American embassy and the surreal fact you can’t travel with your husband to just be with your own kids.

    This morning, I came across another shocking story of a Haitian American dad (US citizen) who wants to take his kids to live with him in Florida. The kids lived with their grandma whose house collapsed due the earthquake and are of course homeless now.

    They got the Same treatment that you got at the American embassy in PaP and were not let in. Like you, a US citizen.

    The dad was actually told to leave his kids with some NGO or other. Outrageous since there isn’t enough help as it is for orphans or people without folks outside the country to help them.

    Anyway, Evens Colas has a petition going for his kids and kids who have parents or relatives outside Haiti who can take care of them if they are only let.

    If any of your readers care to take a look and sign it :

    Also, congrats on your pregnancy. I hope your new child gets to grow in a better, fairer Haiti.

    Warm greetings,
    Anne in Bordeaux, France.

  69. […] Se lavi Enoch and I decided to send our boys back to the USA after the recent earthquake here in Haiti.  They were scared, we […] […]

  70. domi says:

    That’s they way every American Consulate in Latin America works, people are systematically mistreated (after they get their US$100 just for the right to apply, of course). I’m guessing that if you add troops to that it’s just terrible. Praying for your family.

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