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Caroline here, just popping in to give y’all (ya, I said it) an update on the little hospital we are running back at Lori’s house.

We are continuing to receive more and more patients from the Comfort Ship and have taken a few others in who need some longer term care. Let me introduce you!
This is Sterley. She is 9 years old had a bad burn to her right upper leg and after it heals, she will need a skin graft. When one of our workers found her parents, her Dad told him that he was like Jesus. Needless to say they were thrilled to know their little girl was safe and sound! This is her and mom. This is Rose Nadine. She is 10 years old and was trapped in her home when the Earthquake hit and her right leg broke and she has external fixation (fancy word for all the metal) on her whole leg. She also needed a skin graft to the area, so they took skin from her left upper leg. We found her parents right away and they were so happy to see her! The picture is of her and mom. 
 This is Mitha. She lost both legs in the earthquake and until yesterday afternoon had no idea whether her family was dead or alive. The caregivers at the Air Force base told us that when her family showed up, including her 3 children, there was not a dry eye in the house!  
This is Natalie. She is 24 years old and lost her right leg in a traumatic amputation. She has a very sweet spirit and an optimistic outlook on life. She reads here Bible all day. I honestly can’t say that would be my reaction if I had just lost my leg in an Earthquake that took 230,000 lives and devestated my country.
This is Nalie. We know very little about her except that she is 4 years old and had a bad injury to her R ear and also had compartment syndrome in her right leg. Her paperwork said she has a Dad and two siblings alive so we are hoping to find them. She was able to tell us the name of her school and the are where she lives.  She is a precious child and seems pretty traumatized. Pray that we would be able to re-connect her with family!
This is Pierre, he is 58 years old. He does not have a positive outlook on life right now. He leg was severely injured in the quake, and it is not quite clear how or why but someone shoved a shower curtain rod down his broken hip/leg. The doctors on the ship removed the rod and did an IM nailing to repair. I think it is okay that he is a little po’d err bummed out. Pray for his heart and all that he has been through.
This is Denise and Annika. Their story is crazy. Denise was at home taking care of her newborn baby when the earthquake hit. She said that her baby was crying so she went to get it off the bed in his room and as she did the quake started and the wall fell on the baby’s bed. She held her in her arms to protect her and doesn’t remember anything until her neighbors rescued her 4 days later. Her legs were trapped under a bed frame and mattress and they had to cut through the mattress with a razor blade just to remove a piece to life the bed frame up and get her out. She and her baby Annika survived 4 WHOLE DAYS under the rubble of her home. They were taken to a hospital and then seperately onto the Comfort Ship because Annika’s R arm need to be partially amputated and Denise he had severe injuries to her feet, back and hands. They were reunited when they came off the ship a couple days ago and she is trying desperately to be a good mom to her baby, but without the use of her hands she can’t do much. We will take care of her and Annika until they are back on their feet and we can send them home to family. She is such a proud young mama!
This is Regine. She is 28 years old and she has passed a lot of misery. Regine was severely malnourished long before the earthquake hit and is suffering from Kwashiorkor. This is the same thing we see in our children who are severely malnourished. On a very bizarre level, I get why kids are malnourished. I understand that they can’t work, they can’t cook, they can’t scrounge for food, they are at the mercy of the one who cares for them. But a 28 year old, mother of four? (Yes I said mother of four!) How can you become this malnourished? When the earthquake hit she was in a house and a table that had a TV on it collapsed and part of the table pierced her back and she got a spinal abscess from the injury. She was passed around from hospital to hospital, because beyond her injury, no one knew what to do with her. She could not walk, could not feed herself, she was using the bathroom all over herself, like a child. Simply because she did not have food for many months. Another person that we know in ministry here in Haiti brought her to us and asked if we could care for her. She has already improved in the few days she has been here and we are determined to get her back on her feet. Literally. She went for TB and HIV tests today. Here she is walking with a walker to the car. Big steps today 🙂 Her father is keeping her children up in the mountains. Hoping they can come visit soon! 
Let us touch the dying, the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work. – Mother Teresa 

9 Responses to Guest blogger

  1. Carmen says:

    what a beautiful smile!!! praying

  2. Casey Zachary says:

    words fail. caroline. anything you need, anytime, you let me know.

  3. Angie S says:

    So many extremes of emotions. My heart just breaks for 4 yr old Nalie. I’m angry for Pierre- why would someone even attempt something like that? I pray that as his physical body heals his spirit will also. I’m in awe of Natalie’s faith. I love the photo of happy Sterley and her mom… and I am amazed at how strikingly beautiful Regine is even in such a bad state.

    I just want to thank you for keeping us informed. I wish that I could do more, I wish I had an ounce of the strength that y’all do to accept the call to serve. But, I at least feel involved when I get to follow your lives. God Bless you all!

  4. Rachel says:

    Thank you. That’s all I can say.

  5. Christian says:

    Wow. Thank you for the update – we will be praying for you guys as caretakers and we will definitely be praying for all the people you have been caring for.

  6. cindi tigner says:

    Sweetie, thanks for the updates. I know how busy and tired you are at the end of the day. We love knowing how to pray. I love how you love others!

  7. Praying for your needs, your patients, Enoch’s visa and passport. We still are here, praying.

  8. Amy W. from Nashvillle says:

    Such beautiful faces! Continuing to pray for everyone in Haiti. Thank you for all that you are doing!

  9. […] times 🙂 Anna here.  As you may have learned reading here ( RHFH has been taking in post-op patients from the US comfort ship.  Lori and Charles have opened […]

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