• Busy day today.  Some US military came out this AM to visit.  They are planning to come back tomorrow and help see patients.  They were older and not the young “new” guys like at the embassy.  So I talked to them, and they talked back to me. 🙂
  • We have 10 patients we are caring for right now from the Comfort Ship. Many have a parent or care giver with them.  There will be a post on these patients soon.
  • I do not have a date yet but am thinking of leaving to visit the boys.
  • I have heard from two offices so far about Enoch. Here is the info.  They are waiting on news to get back with me. Feel free to contact them.
Indiana Senator – Evan Bayh
Washington – 202-224-5623
Indianapolis – 317-554-0750
Evansville – 812-465-6500
Fort Wayne – 260-426-3151
Hammond – 219-852-2763
Jefferson – 812-218-2317
South Bend – 574-236-8302
Indiana Senator – Richard Lugar
Washington, D.C. –  (202) 224-4814
Evansville – (812) 465-6313   
Fort Wayne –  (260) 422-1505 
Indianapolis –  (317) 226-5555 
Valparaiso –  (219) 548-8035
  •   From all the information I have gathered.  Haiti is not issuing non-immigrant visa right now.  They are not issuing Humanitarian Parole for kids or spouses of US citizens.  They are open for Immigrant visa.  But this seems to be for those that are already in the process.
  • What you can do to help.  I would like to talk to someone that has already or is in the process of a residence visa from Haiti or someone that could help with questions.  I am wanting to know if, when they reopen, I can file for his residence here in Haiti at the local USCIS office.  I have heard that this process takes about 2 years.  This seems to be the only option for us now.  Which really makes no sense.  We live in Haiti full time and he does not want to be a resident.  He just wants to visa so we able to travel with his family.
  • We have admitted four new children this week. All four are malnourished and very sick.  Post coming up about them.  Someone visiting today told me that the kids we admitted, that are so sick, would be in the ICU in the USA.  We are caring for them under a shelter outside.  Kind of strange.
  • I do not think the 10 Americans that were stealing kids should be NOT be listed as missionaries.  That just does not seem right.  They were wrong, they should be punished.  Imagine if they would have taken the funds that were to build an orphanage, or the funds to  rent an old motel and use that to help these families.  A family that is thinking of giving their child to someone else to raise due to lack of resource should upset us all.  It should not make us want to take the kids to “give them a better life”.  It should first bring us to our knees to pray and second ask ourselves and God what we can to to help in these situation.
  • Enoch is currently looking for a job in Haiti.  He speaks English, Creole, and French.  All leads thta anyone might have would be great. Email me at

3 Responses to Today…

  1. enola says:

    I totally agree with you. I can not imagine the heartache and desperation that a parent must feel to allow them to relinquish a child that they love to a stranger. We should try to find a way to help support these families so that they can continue to stay together as a family unit. I would be willing to sponsor a family with a monthly stipend. Women for Women International has a similar program that seems to be very successful. You can google it and see the details. Thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing. You make the world a better place for everyone. Have a blessed day.

  2. Carmen says:


  3. We lift you up in prayer.

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