Clinic news..

 Lori has been VERY busy these past few weeks.  She has not had time to post.  These are a few, just the tip, of some things we have been seeing.  We had a team come today from the US Airforce.  They did so much to help us our with patient care.  They will return this coming week.  Update on that soon!

burn with hot water


attacked on the road walking to a church function

wound from earthquake

This guy was in Port and got shot.  The bullet went in through the right side on his neck (you can see a small wound.  It nicked his wind pipe and exited right below his left.

First week after quake.  Arm was very infected.

A few days after getting daily dressing changes

currently healing and looking well


One Response to Clinic news..

  1. L says:

    Wow! You are doing a great job!

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