Prayer for Haiti


Today, Sat and Sun all over the country of Haiti people are praying and fasting.  They are taking these three days to pray for the country, pray for the leaders and pray for those that have lost those they love.  It is truly amazing.  Early this AM there were already groups walking up and down the roads and paths of Cazale singing and praying to our heavenly father.  To Him  be all the Glory!

 Haiti holds quake day of mourning
Written By: BBC
Fri, Feb 12, 2010
Haiti is marking a national day of mourning on Friday for the victims of the
earthquake that devastated their country exactly one month ago.
About 230,000 people were killed in the 12 January quake, 300,000 were injured
and one million made homeless.
Masses are being celebrated nationwide, and a ceremony will be held at the
ruined National Palace in the capital.
And at 1653 local time (2153 GMT), Haitians at home and abroad will be asked to
kneel and pray.
Television screens
President Rene Preval is expected to lead a Mass at Notre Dame University at
about 0930 local time.
The main ceremony will be in the capital’s centre, amid the ruins of the
National Palace.
The government plans to set up large screens at some of the tented relief camps
to allow people to follow the ceremony.
Haitians have been urged to wear either black or white to show their respect
for the victims.
In the biggest of the camps that sprang up in the capital after the earthquake,
people are still living under sheeting strung across wooden poles.
The government says the seasonal rains could be the biggest threat now to the
nation’s attempts at recovery.
The European Union has proposed a military mission to step up the provision of
shelter before the rains worsen.
This week’s Haitian government figures suggesting 230,000 dead means the quake
toll is approaching that of the 2004 Asian tsunami, which killed 250,000


6 Responses to Prayer for Haiti

  1. Rob says:

    We are wearing Red today in honor of the people who lost their lives in the horrible earthquake. The Anderson Mayor made a proclamation that we pray for Haiti today and support the Haitian people. is supporting you as well! God Bless!

  2. sisters in the Lord betty/marny says:

    Canadians- there is a shipment leaving next week from for Mission of Hope in Haiti. They are eligible for Canada Gov’t matching dollar for dollar and today Feb. 12 is last day to donate for your money to double. I write
    this only because I noticed that MOH gave supplies to RHFH recently and believe God will bless our giving to get more supplies to RHFH.
    Joy and Peace in Christ!

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