Se lavi part #2

Recieved this email today from someone that wrote of our behalf.  I have sent three emails to the US consult with no response.
Thank you for your inquiry.
The incidents you have described involving the Betor’s are unfortunate and in no way condoned.  While we are sensitive to this matter, a U.S. visa unfortunately cannot be provided to someone with an American Citizen or U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) family member if he does/would not qualify for it under normal circumstances. (I would love to know the normal circumstances, cause I would think he is above normal in his qualifications)  However, Mr. Betor can be assured that his passport will be returned immediately with our apologies once our colleagues in Haiti recover it. (I will keep you posted since they have no way to contact us)
Currently, all normal nonimmigrant visa operations at the U.S. Embassy in Port Au Prince have been suspended until further notice.  All available resources are currently focused on assisting American citizens,(how can they assist you when they will not talk to you ) and it is unclear when nonimmigrant visa operations will resume.  Once restored however, this information will be made available on our website at, and on the Embassy’s website at 
We regret that our response could not be more positive, however we hope this information may be helpful.

Visa Specialist/vrw Public Inquiries Division 

 Public and Diplomatic Liaison 

 Visa Services 


U.S. Department of State

8 Responses to Se lavi part #2

  1. grahamsowa says:

    Licia, I just wanted to apologize for sounding so excited about Enoch possibly getting a visa when I came to see you. I’m really sorry. You know, all of my other friends in Haiti who had married Haitians are European, and and the EU gave them all immediate visas after the quake (even when they didn’t have their passports) and put them on free flights to where ever they wanted to go in Europe. I was stupid to think our government would extend the same courtesy to its citizens. There is always one more option: anba fil then claim TPS…

  2. Steph says:

    I don’t understand the definition then of a VISITOR visa….. Before the quake how did a haitian get to be allowed to visit USA? Didn’t loris husband visit a year or so ago? Baffling

  3. Bonnie says:

    Praying. Everyday.

  4. Not Surprised says:

    same shit different day. government cannot be trusted to do the right thing. we are very sorry for you and find your anger justified.

  5. L says:

    I’m sorry.

  6. Emily says:

    I am so sorry, Licia. This is unbelievably frustrating–to say the least. If you are not able to travel with Enoch to the U.S., would you guys be interested in going to Mexico instead? I know that’s not better for a lot of reasons (want to see that new baby!), but there is a possibility that we could get you guys access to a nice vacation home in BCS, Mexico. Would you even be interested? If so, I’ll inquire on your behalf.

  7. Licia, I think he should qualify for some kind of visa under normal circumstances, but it’s impossible to know what they mean by that. I did a little research and it looks like he cannot get a green card (LPR status) unless you guys move to the U.S. – living abroad without intent to permanently return to the U.S. is grounds for loss of LPR status. (I was surprised by that and I’m sorry for not looking into it further before making an earlier comment about it.)

    My recommendation is to continue to ask your elected representatives for help. You are likely to get a better response from your Congressman than your Senators (it’s an election year for Congressmen, and because their districts are smaller, they have fewer constituents to deal with). Your Congressman’s office can help you get a real appointment at the embassy. When embassies are pressured on a specific case like that, they always respond.

    You might also try contacting an immigration attorney, or maybe someone who reads this blog knows one? A lot of law firms do pro-bono work on these kinds of things. That would get you some solid answers on what is actually possible, and you would avoid many of the embassy hassles.

    I continue to pray for you guys.

  8. Audrey Ann says:

    😦 Oh Licia, I am so, so sorry.

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