Sewing projects

 Can you sew? Want to help us here in Haiti?

Caroline here again. Since the Earthquake many of you have wanted to jump in, get your hands dirty and help the people of Haiti. Some of you have medical skills, some are artists or engineers, some of you are prayer warriors but some of you still don’t feel like you are doing much to help. Well I have an idea! Can you sew? Can you get a group of girlfriends together at Bible Study? or at Work? I have a project for you. 

Here in the Rescue Center, we use cloth diapers. We wish we had the funds to buy diapers, but as you can imagine it would be insanely expensive to put 50-60 kids in Pampers several times a day. (You’re welcome to write them and ask for a donation 🙂 We can always use more cloth diapers, clothes and aprons for the nanny’s to wear.
These T-shaped diapers work great, especially if they have ties instead of using big safety pins. The one on the right has elastic on the leg holes, which is even better. 

These dresses are made out of pillow cases.  How fun!  Here is a link for instruction in making them.

These little dresses, or any type of pillow-case style dress is great and easy to dress them in. Sleeveless helps keep them cool, too!
These aprons were made with pillow cases as well and have pockets which work great for the ladies. 
If you can help us with this, you can mail them to:
Debbie Woodward 
1500 Jackson St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413
If you have any questions or want more info, please email Anna at
I think this project is really great because I have zero sewing skills whatsoever. Not artsy and craftsy at all. So big kuddos to those of you who are!

25 Responses to Sewing projects

  1. Claire Abel says:

    I have a pattern for crib sheets – I sewed about 10 for you last yr – horse patterns I never heard if they worked or not

  2. Sara says:

    What a great idea for people to help out! I will definitely try to get some made and send them off.
    God Bless all that you all are doing! Only wish we could help more.

  3. Stephanie S says:

    Now this is something I can do! If anyone has any patterns for the cloth diapers email me please! Any other patterns that you may have that would help would be wonderful too! Thanks.

    • Julie says:

      I have just given my sewing machine away to
      charity…but have many spools of thread I would
      like to donate them to anyone that is sewing these items for the people in Haiti.
      Please contact me and I will mail them at my
      costs. Thank You! Bless You!
      always Julie

      • Gwen Preble says:

        Do you still have any thread? We have a quilting ministry and are making quilts for Haiti at our church and have older ladies and girls interested in making dresses too?

  4. Jen says:

    How fun! I’m organizing a group of ladies at our church and we will get together and sew sew sew! 🙂

  5. Cathy says:

    Oh my gosh and we’ve been making ditty bags for the kids. What a good idea to sew up something a little more usefull too! I’m glad you put the needs out here. Thanks.

  6. Debbie Woodward says:

    I am soooo psyched. I am passing this along to the Textile Center in Minnesota.

    I just returned from Mexico and havn’t opened the boxes yet. Someone called a few weeks ago and said they were going to try to make cloth diapers with velcro and elastic in the legs. I can’t wait to see them.

    SEW,SEW, SEW. I can hardly wait to see what you make.

  7. Cathy says:

    Here are some good instructions for cloth diapers:

  8. christi says:

    Hi! Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church in Sacramento had a sewing day before Anna returned to RHFH just before the earthquake. Here’s some things we learned: link to a good pillowcase dress pattern –
    We also developed a pattern to sew aprons from a pillow case. E-mail me if you would like one…
    We found that using good used pillowcases was very cost friendly and the fabric quality is usually very good. You can have fun mixing and matching borders from king sized pillowcases to use for pockets. Happy sewing! Christi

  9. Kerri says:

    I’m planning on putting my sewing skills to use and helping. I can make cloth diapers with elastic in the legs & waist plus velcro or snaps. I do have a question. My youngest dd is potty trained now and I have a large box full of her cloth diapers. Do you mind receiving clean pre-used cloth diapers? I have a wide variety of styles inserts and diaper covers. BTW, I think it’s great that you use cloth diapers at the rescue center. Reducing the trash output from hundreds of disposable diapers a day is a huge positive impact!

  10. Kristy Kuenzi says:

    Wow, I don’t know how to sew but this inspires me to learn! Hope and Faith and doing GREAT! They are learning more and more everyday. They are learning English and they have both gained 3 lbs. in a month. They laugh and play all the time. They seem happy! I know they miss everyone at the Rescue Center! Thank you for all you and your family do! We love you!

  11. Jacci says:

    Sent an email to you, Anna. My oldest daughter and I are really hoping to get some dresses and aprons out to you. Is there a deadline for when the things need to reach Debbie Woodward? Do you have specific sizes you need of sleeveless dresses. I know the pillowcase dresses are sort of one size fits all, but for other sleeveless dresses – are there specific sizes needed?


  12. Jodi Ellis says:

    Since my brother-in-law and sister-in-law visited the rescue center in the fall, I have been praying for God to give me a way to help. I thought that diapers and pillowcase dresses were probably a need and was getting on to email someone about the idea and saw this post! God is amazing! Will get to sewing.

  13. Kim says:

    Our church’s sewing group is also going to start on these!! We are so excited!!!!

  14. Linda Harre says:

    Debby, just wondering if you got the box of shoes and the box of bags I send a couple of weeks ago! I have made 10 dresses so far and 6 pair of little pants for the boys…..we can’t forget the boys:D My sis and I are sewing all day today to make as many as we can! Sandy Haynes, my sis, said that you needed more aprons for the nannies. We will try:D SHould I make more pants for the little boys? I fear they are being forgotten. Let me know what you think! hugs, Linda

  15. […] opportunity to spread God’s love to children in Haiti by sewing clothes for them. You can join in too by helping in several different […]

  16. I’m going to bookmark this post…

  17. […] homes–dresses made from pillowcases, diapers, and aprons from pillowcases for the nannies. At this post from their blog, there is a description of the need and links to patterns for the projects.There’s also the […]

  18. […] There are many orphans in Haiti as many of you know from the recent earthquake.  There is an organization that has asked for help; they need dresses, aprons or diapers made from pillowcases.  You can […]

  19. Rachel says:

    The diaper on the right looks like a Rita’s Rump Pocket, which is a free pattern. It’s a one-size diaper and really easy to make – I’ve used them to diaper my 2.5 yr old son since he was 5 mos. By shortening the flaps at the back, I bet you could add ties like the one on the right, and get the best of both worlds – no pins and leg elastic. But because they need to be stuffed with an absorbent layer, I wouldn’t sew the straps all the way across the back of the diaper, only on the flaps. Leave a section open that’s as wide as the crotch area. For a stuffer, I do one microfiber cloth and one piece of flannel of the same size, sewn, turned, and topstitched, or serged together.

  20. Dawn says:

    excited to try my hand at these!

  21. […] to find colorful, sturdy, excellent-condition pillowcases to make dresses for little girls at the Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center. When they’re ready, we’ll send them to the following address, for shipment in a […]

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