Casey’s in Cazale…

First guest post is gonna be short because, in terms of what I’ve seen and experienced so far, words fail…and I grew up here.


6 Responses to Casey’s in Cazale…

  1. cindi tigner says:

    I can only imagine. So sorry.

  2. Go with God, Casey, every hour of the day.

  3. Jacci says:

    Casey – I’m a new reader since the quake. Glad you’ve arrived safely. Our family is praying for your’s and for the ministry you all have there. May the Lord continue to provide all your needs in Christ Jesus.

    ~Jacci in Ohio

  4. Bekki says:

    Lord love ya, Casey – must be unbelievably hard. Give Lori a hug from me, and love to Charley and Enoch! Tell Gilbert he is in my prayers.

  5. Jean says:

    Continuing to pray for everyone in Haiti. The pictures of the destruction are hard to look at; I can’t imagine being there and seeing the city destroyed and so many people homeless. May God give you wisdom and strength for the days ahead.

  6. Becki Green says:

    Glad you made it safely Case.

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