Flood of Emotions

(via @caseyzachary) aka the brother

Sitting in the Miami airport yesterday, in the middle of a terminal full of Haitians, Creole floating to my ears…it was a sweet time. A time that flooded my mind and my heart with memories and emotions. I let it spill out on paper during my hour and a half flight to Port au Prince. Here it is.


I’ll never forget the Tuesday we met
Began, encircled by family and friends
Filling the terminal with hugs and prayers
Ended, me-isolated and gazing
At the bullet holes in the screen above my bed

Those first few days, I saw you as Ishmael
A son with no future, bearing much shame
Through no fault of your own, and I, Isaac
Blessed beyond measure by God’s sovereign choice
The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away–odd
It’s much easier to say than to be

Buechner writes, if you look at a window
You only see cobwebs, cracks, dirt and dust
But looking through the window you will see
A world beyond, full of precious souls
When I look past the poverty and pain
I see Haitians, with bright eyes and full hearts
Offering love, devotion-sharing life

Shared life we did, from that first Tuesday
Learned Creole, writing numbers in cement
Tossed candy to Wilto from Grand Chemin
Thursday afternoon church in Sous Piant
Blazed straight up Delmas for only 10 gourdes
Lost at dominoes, clothes pins on my ears
Threw rocks to knock mangoes out of their tree
Sucked the sweetness out of the sugar cane
Drank ice cold juna and laughed till I cried

Haitians who’ve felt the force of the Gospel
Rooted and grounded in Christ, my brothers
Freed from sin and enslaved to righteousness
We have hope that extends beyond the grave
Social and Political injustice
Will be no more when Jesus Christ returns
Benevolent King, puts the world to rights
We are not afraid, He will rescue us
Oh, how we long for that glorious day

One indication that He’s coming back
The Bible says earth will tremble and shake
So it did, So it did- on a Tuesday
And like that first Tuesday, everything changed
Ishmael, oh Ishmael, Isaac I am
Blessed, truly blessed that I am loved by you
Coming to visit you in you broken and torn
Many questions, many uncertainties
In this short trip, don’t let worries abound
Just let me love you-and fears fade away


5 Responses to Flood of Emotions

  1. Claire Abel says:

    This is GREAT! Have a Blessed visit

  2. Roberta says:

    Wow. Beautiful!
    Praying for a blessed time for you.

  3. Bekki says:

    The depth of your thoughts and feelings is immense. Bless you, Casey Zachary.

  4. Molly says:

    That’s beautiful, Casey. Praying for your time there.

  5. Rosie says:

    Very powerful and personal. I will keep these thoughts with me today.

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