Wal-mart wish list for the Rescue Center

I wanted to get a post up about some needed items for the Rescue Center.  About a month ago, Anna set up a wish list on Wal-Mart for RHFH.  I have created a new list especially for the RC.  There is a semi-container being packed for RHFH in MN and one will be packed in Indiana.  The one in Indiana will be 3/4 full with medical supplies.  So we will be shipping and sending many items to MN.  It will all end up right here in Cazale. 

So this is how you can help

1. Go to http://www.walmart.com/

2. Click on the “Wish List” link under the “Gift Cards & Registry” tab across the top of the page.

3. Type in “Debbie” for the first name, and “Woodward” for the last name.

4. Only one wish list comes up- that’s us! Click on Debbie Woodward and it will bring you to our wishlist.

5. Scroll down and you will see the things available for purchase and take your pick.  Put the quantity of your purchase in the box next to the item(s) you’d like to buy.

6. Once you’ve finished shopping, press “add to cart.”

7. Your cart will come up and show you what you have selected. Press “proceed to checkout.”

8. If you already have a W account online, sign in and proceed to purchase 🙂 If you don’t, press “continue”.

9. Enter your info and don’t forget to un-check the box which allows Walmart to send you 14,792 emails a day 🙂 Press continue.

10. I set it up so the purchased items will be sent to Debbie in MN, (also see below instructions to have Debbie pick up items at her local walmart) Select “standard shipping” and “continue.”

11. Choose the way you would like to pay and press “continue.”

Now it will confirm your purchase, make sure you get confirmation that the purchase went through and then, viola! Your donation is on its way to Cazale Haiti!


Hi Licia,
As for Walmart, there are three ways to do it. 
1.  Purchase items in the store and send them to Debbie Woodward (as all items are not available on-line) and people may want to include them with other items they are sending.
2.  Purchase on-line (especially larger items) and look for site-to-store shipping to save on shipping.  These items can be picked up at the Brooklyn Park, Minnesota store by Debbie and people will not have to pay any shipping charges.  The person purchasing will include Debbie Woodward’s name and e-mail (debra_woodward@msn.com)  as someone who can pick up and my e-mail.  Walmart will notify Debbie when the order is ready to pick up and she will bring an ID and the e-mail to the store.
NOTE:  There is an underscore between debra and woodward.
3.  Purchase on-line and pay Walmart the shipping charges to ship it to:
     Debbie Woodward
     Northrup King Building, Main Office
     1500 Jackson Street NE
     Minneapolis, MN  55413
Some items do not qualify for site-to-store, but the people may not want to have to go and pack the box and get to a place to ship it.

So there it is.  I have been working on and off today adding items.  I could not look through everything so if you see something that you think RHFH Rescue Center could you please let me know in the comment section or send me an email at licia@realhopeforhaiti.org and I will add the needed items.  

Also Debbie has a blog that she has set up so we can all see the progress on the collecting, sorting and packing of the semi container.  You can check her blog out here.


7 Responses to Wal-mart wish list for the Rescue Center

  1. Kim says:

    My church is going to be sending around 40 diapers, 70 dresses and 15 nanny aprons to Debbie on Friday. We’ve had two “Sew for the Baby” events at our church in the past month and plan on continuing them every month or so. We’re having LOTS of fun – and I’m learning how to sew!!!

  2. graham says:

    Your first blog comment from Cuba! OK, no walmart here, but I’m sure others will help fill the need. Miss you all too much.

  3. Stephanie S says:

    You might want to add crib mattresses on the list for those toddler beds.

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