New building

Dad got a call a few weeks ago that a orphange was closing down and had some beds they did not need anymore.  He went this past week and picked them up.

They will be great for the kids in the RC.

We are giving them a new coat of paint and having new mattresses made for them.

We moved all the children into the new rented building this weekend. This is what the baby room looked like before.

Here it is full of beds and waiting for the kids to move in.  The lady standing there is our cook.  She is praying over the room and asking God to be with all the kids as they move.

Here is the area where the kids will eat at.  A team will be coming in the first of April to do some painting on those white walls.

Here is the some of the kids waiting for the rest of the kids to come.

There were a few that were scared and crying so we sang songs and played for a while to get them settled in.

We are so thankful to everyone that donated funds to help rent the new building for the kids.  They are all doing well and adjusting to their new surroundings.  Please continue to pray for them and the RHFH staff.


5 Responses to New building

  1. Casey Zachary says:

    Thanks be to God. Awesome. Thrilled for you.

  2. cindi tigner says:

    Yay God!!!!

  3. Kristy Kuenzi says:

    What a blessing!! God is so good!

  4. Dee says:

    Licia-do you still need the remainder of the toddler beds&mattresses listed on the WALMART wish list or would bunk beds & mattresses be a better space saver? We noticed WM has bunkbeds as well as bunks w desks/futons/storage under them. Thought you may not have listed bunks because the cost was higher. If these would work well for the RC space, could you add as many as would fit (plus mattresses, bedding,shelving,hampers,accessories,etc)to the Walmart list for us to purchase? God has given you an awesome job, which you and your staff do with courage and grace. Please gift us with your list soon!

  5. Roberta says:

    Wow! SO exciting! We will definitely be praying for all the kids and staff to feel at home in their wonderful new space. God is good!

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