Community Development Group

Lori started a community development group several years ago.  This group is made up of women, men and children from the local community. They come together each Sunday and meet and have a work day each Saturday to do a project in the local Cazale community.  They have planted trees,  gave out garden seeds, built two room outhouses, repaired irrigation ditches, organized and taught classes for literacy  and much more.

 We wanted to share with you a needs list for the group.  We are hoping to get some of these items donated and shipped down on the containers being packed up for RHFH.  If you are interested you can contact or or leave a comment on the blog.

Here is the list

MACHETES:  In the Tramontina section, there are 2 that the community group liked…
1. Tramontina 14″ Bolo machete with hardwood handle – this is the most commonly used here
2. Tramontine 18″ bush machete with poly handle
These are available at and there is free shipping with orders over $50.
We could give out as many as  get donated.  No limit.
1.  wheelbarrows
2.  shovels
3.  folding chairs – metal
4.  folding table – plastic
5.  buckets
6.  barbed wire
7.  chicken cage wire, chicken feeder, water, etc
8.  treadle sewing machines
9. 4 inch water pump – to water gardens, fill up cisterns
10.  garden hose
11.  large watering cans
12.  garden gloves
13.  shelving
14.  tools – hammer, vis-grips, saw, lever, trowel, measuring tape (metric),etc 

2 Responses to Community Development Group

  1. Dee says:

    Have been waiting for this post-THANK YOU! My e-mail won’t let me send to Debbie or you-trying to figure it out. We have been saving and have the $3000 for the community group we spoke of in the “Giving” post available for you as well as an additional $2000. Would you like to use this $2000 for the list,shelter, microloans or whatever else the group chooses? How much room is left for shipment of goods in MN&IN? We’re in IN.Is there a ph# we can call for MN? Presume you will want many things sent there. Machete info is EXACTLY what we’re looking for-specifics! Can we get same for: Wheelbarrows-poly,metal,how large,etc? Shovels-wood or poly handle best?Flat,round tip, etc? Buckets-plastic,metal,size? Hose-cheap or rubber,how long? Gloves-sizes?need leather for stone work?(cheap ones just fray)Tools-could you specify type hammer,saw,length tape,lever or levels?,etc.Seeds-where to get quality types for Haiti? So many ?’s that you know the answer to-but we are clueless here. We want to purchase tool types needed-quality,hardworking tools that will last-just like the people who will be using them:). They deserve the best we can afford. Bless you! Bob & Dee Pring

  2. Debby says:

    It has been so fun packing the things to send to you at the warehouse in Minneapolis. I have worked one day a week for the past 3 weeks. There are lots of dresses and diapers. I got you 300 baby diaper pins. I packed 3 boxes of shoes. So many great things for you and the community.

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