Comfort Ship patient updates

We wanted to give you an update on the patients at Lori and Charles house.  Most are from the Comfort Ship.  Several of them are needing assistance with their upcoming lives.  If you are interested and would like to help please contact for more information.  Thank so much for taking the time to read about these truly amazing survivors.


You can read the first post about Nadiege here.  She is HIV positive but by the “rules” in Haiti not yet sick enough to receive medications.  We are keeping her and her kids here for now and praying about what to do with her long term.

 Regine had an abcess on her spine and Kwashiorkor.  She was moved around to several different locations after the earthquake.  She was suffering from severe malnutrition.  When she arrived here she was in a wheelchair and could not walk.  She could not lift up her child, she could not walk by herself.  Her abcess is healed.  Her kwashiorkor is gone.  She is strong and healthy now.  She can carry her child around.  She helps the other patients with their daily activities.  She is a joy  to  have here.

 Denise had several different injuries from the earthquake. She was trapped for four days under rubble and has injuries on her legs and hands.  She also has bed sores from laying for several days trapped.  She was rescued by a foreign rescue group.  Her daughter had to have her right lower arm amputated.  It healed well.  She could not walk when she first arrived.  She has gone from not walking, to walking with 2 crutches, to walking with 1 crutch to walking on her own.  She has an aunt that will give her land to build a house on.  Anyone interested in helping to build a small house for her and her daughter please contact

 Mitha had her stitches removed this week. She is keeping her stumps wrapped and trying to get her mind ready for prosthetics legs.  She will be going this coming week for her first appointment.  Her concern right now is paying for her kids to go to school.  She herself was a slave child,  and was kicked out of the house where she was a slave child at 14.  She had no family and nowhere to go she had to eat and got pregnant at 15.  She has never been able to get ahead in life.  Her current boyfriend is a great support to her and children.  It cost around $250 per year for school.  We are looking for sponsors for 4 children.

 Delva (Pierre) is cool.  He is healed, but having lots of memory problems.  He was sent back from the US a few years ago and does not have family here in Haiti.  We are unsure of his future as it seems he will not be able to live by himself.

 Nathalie was in school when the earthquake happened.  She was attending  school to be a kindergarten teacher.   She has two family member that she is close to, her brother and father.  Her father does not even have enough tap-tap money to come and visit her so they talk by phone.  She would like get a prosthetic leg, move back into town with her brother and return to school.

 Yole was injured while attending school.  She was one of the few survivors at her school.  She has injures to her face.  She is ready to return home.

 The cuties!

Nalie was trapped in her house.  We are not sure for how long.  Her right ear is gone and she has injuries to her leg.  She is unable at this time to walk on her leg.  We are doing PT to help her be able to walk again.  Her mother was outside the house.  She was rescued and taken for treatment.  U–n–i—-c–e–f has sent 8 worker out twice to see her and talk to her.  They have told us multiple times they are working to find her family.  The last group that came did not seem to give us or her much hope in completing this goal.  So we hired someone to go search.  Just this weekend (only one day really) we were able to locate her mother by phone.  She, of course,  had lost hope that her daughter was still alive.  She is hoping to make the trip from across the island sometime this week to be reunited with her daughter.

 Rose-Nadine is healing and has no infection.  Her wounds look great.  She will be going to get and X-ray this week and maybe have the fixators (iron) removed from her leg.  Her parents are both here most of the time with her.

Sterley was burned on her leg during the earthquake.  Her home is still standing but her family is scared to live there.  We were able to give them a tent to stay in.  Her burns healed well and she returned home this past week.  The parents had a small business where they sold food and cold drinks.  It was destroyed in the earthquake.   They are wanting a small business loan to start over.  They will return in a few weeks for a follow-up visit.

 Louisnel broke his leg during the earthquake.  His mother died in the earthquake.  His father is not around.  The man in the picture is a family member that is taking care of him.  They were only here a few weeks and returned to Port-au-Prince.  We have not heard from them.  We were able to give them tarps and a tent.

 Laudjynie had a broken femur.  She had a IM nail in her leg.  Her father works for the Haitian Coast guard.  She was only here for a few days.  Her dad is taking her to a clinic that is close to their house to get dressing changes.  She is doing well.  We were able to give them tarps and a tent when they left.

Dieumercie had a huge leg wound that had been left untreated for 3 months.  We were keeping him and doing daily dressing changes.  His wound was healing up well.  About a week ago he decided that he wanted to return home and not finish his treatment.  He left one day without even saying goodbye 😦

 Our first two patients from the Comfort ship were Micheline and John Doe.  You can read their stories here.  John Doe never woke up and died within a few days of arriving here.  Micheline lived for a few weeks.  We were able to control her pain with medication until she died.  She was able to wake up enough to talk to her family and tell them goodbye before she died.  Her mother and friend were with her each day until she died.

 You can read and see a video about Pierre here.  He died a few weeks ago after short illness.  His family was never found. 


5 Responses to Comfort Ship patient updates

  1. I visit you often to stay in touch and rarely leave comments. I just keep you in my heart. But today I want to say thank you for sharing the progress, and the passings, of those you’ve brought to our attention.
    Know we pray for you and your ministry. You will be strengthened every day for the work God puts before you. Your needs will be met as they arise. We lift you up in thanksgiving and supplication. God listens and provides!

  2. Casey Zachary says:

    Pierre died? Didn’t know that.

  3. Sarah says:

    Nadiege- how can we get her some meds? Can we get some here and have them sent over? Can I contact some orgs./docs in Haiti and see if they can get some for her?
    Let me know how to help.
    Keep up the good work and know that we are praying!!!!

  4. […] Nalie has been with us at RHFH recovering from her house falling on her in the earthquake.  She has been staying back at Lori’s house since she came off the Comfort ship.  You can refresh on her story here: […]

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