Sel pa vante tèt li di li sale…

Guest Post From Casey Zachary

That is a Haitian proverb that is loosely translated, “salt doesn’t boast and say it’s salty.”

Which is a really strange way to say that my sisters and dad are never going to tell you how devoted they are to the Haitian people and the extent by which they give of themselves sacrificially each day. God has gifted them, and they use these gifts for His glory. I am incredibly proud of them.

They are very grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness all of you have demonstrated towards them over the years. They are strong advocates for the Haitian people, and rarely see past the acute problems they encounter each day to tend to their own needs.

So that is the point of this post.

If you have spent even a short time with my sisters, I do not need to explain the extraordinary ways in which they pour themselves out for others. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting my sisters, well then, get your passport and get to Haiti.

Many of you know that Licia and her family are expecting a baby girl in August. In addition, Lori and her husband recently finished a new home (they built after losing their former home to a flood) and are currently housing several US Navy Comfort Ship patients in their home.

Yesterday, my dad and Licia returned to Indiana, where they will be loading a trailer full of supplies to ship to Haiti. I will be taking the boys to Indiana tomorrow, and they will return to Haiti with their mother in mid April. Because it is difficult to purchase certain items in Haiti, I wanted to take this opportunity to put forth some needs my sisters have, and perhaps these items could be placed on to the trailers in either MN or IN before they are shipped in mid April.

Many of you have generously purchased items through the Walmart Wishlist, and so my wife took some time and put together a Baby Registry for Licia. When purchasing these items online, they will be shipped to an address of a friend in Indiana who collects supplies for us. We will gather these gifts and place them on the trailer to be shipped to Haiti.

Lori and her husband need some help furnishing their house, as they lost everything in the flood. They have been living with my dad since Sept 2008, and are hoping to get situated in their new home soon. Some items that would useful to them are couch, love seat, chair set – floral or pattern, TV stand, table and chairs for porch, coffee table for living room, 2 night stands with drawers, side tables for living room, dresser for bedroom (preferably with mirror), 3-4 wall fans, 3 window fans, spring loaded curtain rods (windows are 3.5ft wide), 5-6 light fixtures, and 3-4 lawn chairs.

See how excited Lori gets when people send her stuff...

Licia also thought some used items that would be helpful to her family would be double/twin bunk bed for the boys, rocking chair, baby bed, pack and play, air mattress for guests, TV stand, and bookshelves.

If you have any of these items that are used and in good condition, please contact my dad in Indiana to make arrangements.

His cell phone number is 317.517.2792.

Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.


7 Responses to Sel pa vante tèt li di li sale…

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi! I went online to the Walmart Registry tonight but when attempting to purchase a gift it defaulted to my home shipping address in Delaware and I wondered if I could get the correct address of the friend in Indiana? My e-mail is miesperanza3 (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks!

    -Stephanie in Chile

  2. Steph says:

    Would I be able to send some seeds for sprouting on to the container? Would those get thru customs if they are in a sealed bag?

  3. Sarah says:

    I echo all the sentiments about your beautiful devoted amazing loving sisters. Thanks for doing this post and for letting us all know how we can bless them!! 🙂

  4. Bekki says:

    Licia and Lori are the BOMB! And Papa Zach is great, and you, Casey, aren’t so bad yourself! I hate that we are so far away from even the semi sites. Want to do a semi here???? I have room….

    big hugs even though you never called me to get the kids together ONE LAST TIME….


  5. Debbie Woodward says:


    Thank you for saying it the way it is. It is nothing short of very HUMBLING to work alongside your family.

    I’m so glad you posted the needs of your sisters, because I know that they won’t.

    I really hope everybody will rally around Lori and Licia and help get these items on the semi trailers in the next two weeks.

    THANK YOU to all the people who have been donating. It is a wonderful balance of items for the clinic, rescue center, community group and NOW we hope for Licia and Lori.

    If anyone has questions about getting something on the Minnesota trailer, please call me (Debbie) at (612)363-5612.

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