Selling outside the clinic walls

Outside the walls of the clinic there are many things happening.  There is always lots of activities from early morning until late at night.  Before the clinic arrived this was just an empty street.  Now it is full most days with lots of people.  It has become the station for the tap-tap and where many people hang out so to speak and people watch. 

There are just a very few places in Cazale that employ people.  So many, many people come up with creative ways to make ends meet.  There are a lot that sell what ever the garden is producing that week.  Above they are selling beans, tomatoes, oranges and soap to wash clothing with.  There is even a small pile of empty plastic bottles for sale. Below are more oranges and mangos for sale.  Some do not have a table so they lay a piece of plastic or a sheet down to sell off of.

There are a few tables that sell a mixture of staple food.  Here they are selling beans, rice, sugar, spaghetti, butter, garlic, oil etc.  So you could make a stop at her table and buy what you needed for the evening meal.

This table is full of crackers, cookies, and candy. They will buy these items in large quantity and resell them to make a small profit.

Here is another table full of many snack items for sale.  They might only make a few dollars per day by selling this way, but they are trying and making an effort.

De moun moue nan lapli, gen youn ki pi mal.
Two people get soaked in the rain, one is worse off.
There is always someone worse than you.

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