Frank and his family

Remember Frank? He has been working for RHFH since 2004.   He just got married this past December. He and his wife and their two children lived in a two room house not very far from us.  When the earthquake happen he was at work.  He went home and checked on his family.  They were okay but scared.  He returned to work right away to help us move all the children.  Since that night he and his family have been sleeping outside.  The first few weeks they joined together with other families in their area.  They made a make shift shelter for everyone.  One of his neighbors had a baby the night before the earthquake.  They lived this way for several weeks.  Everyone put their resources together to make food and live together.  This has been hard on many in the community.  They were making ends meet with their family but now many people and family members have moved out of Port-au-Prince back to Cazale. Everyone wants to help those in need but it puts a strain on many families.

After a few weeks we were able to get a tent set up for them to stay in.  This is where they are living at now.  We are hoping to raise funds to rebuild his house so that he and his family can have a place to live.  If you are interested in helping please contact me at


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