Anna here 🙂

Nalie has been with us at RHFH recovering from her house falling on her in the earthquake.  She has been staying back at Lori’s house since she came off the Comfort ship.  You can refresh on her story here:

She was the only child we had not found family for until about a week ago when we got contact with her mom! Lori worked hard to find her and Nalie got to talk to her on the phone as soon as she was reached.  She couldn’t get here immediately but showed up today and got to see Nalie for the first time since the earthquake!!!  She cried and held Nalie, and Nalie could not have smiled bigger.

God is working through RHFH and its such a blessing to get to be here for moments like these.   Lori is working hard trying to figure out all these patients’ futures, and help them build homes and make their hopes for the future become a reality.  It is a large task and if you want to help specifically fund these new beginnings it would be much appreciated!


4 Responses to Nalie

  1. cindi tigner says:

    I am in awe of how God is using RHFH! Will ctp for all that you do and all that you need to accomplish His will. Love to each of you.

  2. Roberta says:

    I am SO happy to see Nalie and her Mom are together again!!! What a happy smile. Yay! 🙂

  3. Betsy says:

    How encouraging!!

  4. Dee says:

    Tell us how we can help! Maybe another wish list @ Walmart? 🙂

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