RHFH Employee

This is Riclane (below in yellow/green shirt)  She is the head in charge of the Rescue Center.  She has been working for RHFH since May 2002.  She is a wonderful, loving employee that takes good care of the children in the RC.  She has three children, 2 girls(orange shirt & blue shirt) and a boy (blue and white striped shirt).  Her family lived in a two room house here in Cazale.  When the earthquake happened her house had some damage.  There are large cracks in the walls and around the corners of the house.  They are scared to sleep there.  Riclane moved her family to a different location by her mother’s house (mother has white hat on).  They have been sleeping outside since the earthquake.  There were able to set up a tent  to sleep in.  Her mother in the picture below has several children.  The youngest is about 16 now.  A few years ago we had a child (pictured below in red shorts) in the RC.  His name is Andrelien.  His mother died in childbirth.  His dad brought him when he was a few days old and we did not see him again for 18 months.  Riclane’s mom fell in love with him and is now raising him as her own (with permission from the birth father).   She takes very good care of him and sends him to school.  (he is in our sponsorship program).  I love this family and wanted you to meet them.


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