Container update

I wanted to give you an update on the funds being raising for the 2 semi containers coming into Haiti.  There has been $8385.00 that has been donated so far.  That means we still need to raise $11,615.00 for both containers.  This can be broken down to around 46 pallets at $250.00 a piece.  I was able to be in Indiana where we packed one of the container up.  It was a lot of work to get 4o pallets of items sorted, packed, shrunk wrap, numbered, weighed and put into the container in 2 short weekends.  There is a lot of supplies on their way to Haiti.  These supplies will be a great help to many, many people here in Cazale and the surrounding areas.  There are lots of diapers, dresses and items that groups have been sewing for us.  I am excited to get everything here and unpacked.  There are lots of bumbo seats coming.  Love them for the  kids.  There are many items to help the farmers.  Giving a farmer a tool to help him be able to make a living is such a gift to their whole family.  I ask that each of you pray this week for the two containers that are on their way to Haiti.  Pray they arrive safely and that we get them through customs with ease.  We will keep you updates on the progress of getting them through customs and to Cazale.

 loading the pallets onto the container in Indiana.

Henley and Carmelo ran the pallet jack inside the container.  Go Henley!

We had lots of volunteers come and help with the sorting and packing.

We are so thankful to each of you that have given of your finances, time and energy to help us here at RHFH.  God Bless!

 to get these containers to us.  God bless each of you!


One Response to Container update

  1. Celeste Grudzien says:

    Is it too late to send supplies for the containers? My Honor Society is still collecting items on the needs list and would like to send prior to graduation.

    Good Bless all of you for the work you do each and everyday!

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