New children at the RC

This is Nachca and her mother.  Nachca is 17 months old and weighs 14 pounds.  Her mother, Yolande, was given away to a family as a slave child when she was young.  She worked for the family for many years.  She was never able to go to school only to work and take care of others.  When she became a teenager her birth family came back and got her.  They took her back to her village and told her she was going to be with a man they had picked for her.  She was “placed” with this man and lived with him for several years.  She has two children with him.  The younger being Nachca.  A few months ago he came home and told her she had lost too much weight and was to ugly to live at his house.  He told her to get out and take the kids with her.  She left and went back to her birth parents house.  They were mad at her and said she did something wrong to make the man mad. They kicked her out and told her to leave.  She had no place to go and returned to the house where she was a slave child at.  They said they would not take her if she had kids.  So she came to us for help.  She only ask that I take Nachca for a few weeks for her.  She told me “if you take her for me I can go to people’s house and mop their floors, they will give me a few cents for this and maybe I can find enough food to eat each day.”  I admitted Nachca last week.  I have not come up with a plan for Yolande.  I plan to help her the best we can.  She lives right here in Cazale.

This is Milien.  He is 9 months old and weighs 10 pounds.  He has a bad case of scabies and is malnourished.


10 Responses to New children at the RC

  1. Pia Bise says:

    I’d like to try to figure out how to set Yolande up so that she could a) support her kids and b) learn to read and write, and speak some English (I suppose that would help her getting a lasting job eventually?)
    I don’t have a tonne of money but I’d like to try to make “a starfish”. Can you help me to get an idea if it’s possible?

    Reading Yolandes story makes me sick.

    Pls get back to me on the e-mail provided above.
    Pia Bise (Sweden)

  2. dawn says:

    Goodness… 😦

  3. Lori says:

    I was just about to write pretty much what Pia Bise said. I would like to contribute to helping her to be able to support and take care of her children. Can you let me know if donating specifically for that is possible or helpful? Maybe even something monthly?

    Thanks. Lori

  4. enola says:

    I just donated a small amount of money via paypal. Please use this money to help Yolande to become more independent and able to care for her children. I will leave it up to you to decide exactly what to do with it but I would envision it being used to to help her set up a small business or some other type of self sustaining situation. If other people donate for Yolande and you want to use this money to help another young mother in a similar situation, That is Fine too. The work you guys do is much needed. Please continue to help these young mothers learn to be self sufficient and to help themselves and their children. May God smile on you daily.

  5. jDee Pring says:

    Yolande is a beautiful young woman! Her family and ‘that man’ must be positively blind both physically and emotionally. They are the ones who have lost in this situation. Yolande and her children are precious and wonderful gifts of God. I would be proud to have a daughter like her. Please give her a very loving hug for me. I don’t have much-but am paypaling a donation to pool with the others. Please keep us updated on ways we can help. You are truly a blessing to all of us!

  6. Joan says:

    Hi Licia – I also would be willing to donate to help this poor girl and her children. The desperation in her eyes and face says it all. Could you advise me by
    e-mail how to do this please to make sure it is earmarked for her. A small business would be great but she may need some help to set it up to give her the best chance of being successful.

  7. Kristie says:

    I tell my oldest daughter often that it is unfair and we cannot understand why God would allow her family to be broken so that ours would be formed. It is a deep source of pain to my daughter who came home from Haiti at age 10. But oh how God has protected her from a fate like Yolande has been given. Senye, ede’l. Sel ou kap renmen li ase, men, m’mande souple voye moun yo pou okipe li pou ou. Mesi pou RHFH.

  8. Debbie Woodward says:

    Since she is experienced working and caring for others, AND IF people were willing to raise enough money for her salary, is there any chance that she would be a good candidate to work at the Rescue Center?

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