Container pictures #1

We have been busy unpacking for the past two days.  Here are a few pictures to share with you this evening.  More coming tomorrow……. 

  The trailers are pulled from customs in downtown port to a location outside of town.  We then unload them in a warehouse.  Dad then hauls the materials and boxes to Cazale.   We also hire local tap-tap to haul items.  Here is the first truck load making its way to the house. 


More tomorrow! Thanks so much to everyone!


3 Responses to Container pictures #1

  1. Kris Tesch says:

    I am so Happy and excited that you are finally getting your Gifts of Love. Your dad sure looks exausted in this picture. God Bless him! He has such a big Heart to make sure that these containers get from Minnesota and elsewhere in the United States to Haiti and then on to home! Just by looking at him, we can learn alot about his Love and Devotion to all of you in Haiti. A big Thank you goes out to your Dad! Thank you for sharing with the pictures. We too can share the excitement. God Bless all of you!

  2. Courtney says:

    Do you ship through Port au Prince or St. Mark? Why do you ship there and not the other? Why do you not bring the trailer to your property? I am asking lots of questions so I know the best way for the ngo I work for to ship to our location in Haiti.

    • haitirescuecenter says:

      We ship through Port-au-Prince. I guess we do it there as that is where the shippping agency we use ships into and where our agent works out of. St. Marc is father away than Port for us. We cannot get a trailer to our property due to the road being so bad and we have no place in our yard to park it or unload it. We do not own the trailer but rent it from the shipping agency.

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