Betor Vehicle Fund

Guest blogger: Ken Smith, RHFH Board Member

 Ever been caught at home, married with 3 kids, and just want to take the family to town for the day.  Or maybe you just want to get away for a few days and go visit some friends.  Sure, we all have.  Oh, did I mention, you don’t have a vehicle, and town is 30 miles away over rough terrain.

When I first met the Zachary family in 1997 they all lived together under one roof like most families.  Lori, Licia and Casey were young and relied on Mom and Dad to drive them where they needed to go.  That is the way it is supposed to work; that was 13 years ago.  Through the passing of time the kids have grown and developed families of their own and needs of their own.  While Licia and Enoch have been married for 10 years, they have been out on about two dates.  The reason is because they are so respectful of the fact that the Mission Truck is just that, the Mission Truck.  It is readily available to take care of Mission needs which come at all hours of the day and night, which Zach seemingly tirelessly attends to.  Enoch and Licia cannot tie up the truck and be gone for a day, let alone a night, leaving Zach and the Mission without wheels.  However, they are a family of their own now.  Instead of one big family like it used to be, the Zacharies in Cazale are 3 individual growing families but united in mission.  Enoch and Licia have three children plus one on the way.  That makes 6 if my math is right, and no family vehicle. 

I believe we all realize the importance of family time, getting away, going to town for the evening once in a while, not just twice in 10 years.  I believe stateside we all do that.  As a friend and Pastor I have been encouraging Licia over the years to get away from the Mission from time to time, to spend time alone with Enoch.  I did not realize how difficult of an assignment that was for them.  I have been urging them to do something they could not do; they could not get away.  As a returning guest in their home and as a Board Member of Real Hope for Haiti, I understand the need for them to have wheels of their own to spend time as a family.  It is the right thing, it is the needed thing and it is the healthy thing for this family.

We cannot expect one vehicle to meet the needs of the Mission, and also 3 now individual but united families that are working together.  Will it be a Mission vehicle or a personal vehicle?  In their line of work, that is a fine line to draw.  If you have been there, or you know this family, you will know it is hard to separate because the Mission work is their life.  I simply choose to feel it would be a needed vehicle at their disposal.  I have encouraged Licia to set up a fund and see what God will do because God’s people are really generous when they see a real need.  Whatever they choose to do, I pray you will join me in supporting them.

Ken Smith, Pastor

Hickory Grove Church, Delphi, IN

From Licia and Enoch

Pastor Ken and Hickory Grove Church, have offered to accept funds for this need for our family.  These funds will not be going through the normal Real Hope For Haiti account.  We are looking to raise $15,000 to purchase a vehicle that can haul all 6 of us around as a family.  Donations sent to Hickory Grove  Church will be tax-deductible.  Paypal donation will not be tax-deductible but go to our personal account and be held for this need.  We are praying, hoping and believing that this need will be met by the time the baby arrives in mid-August.

Here is the address to send donated checks to:

Hickory Grove Church
Betor Vehicle Fund
9714 N 700 W
Dephi, IN 46923
Or you can use this donation button which is also located on  the side of the blog
If you have any questions you can email me at or email Pastor Ken at

One Response to Betor Vehicle Fund

  1. Dee says:

    I firmly believe it is our responsibility to care for our mission families who are being the hands and feet of Jesus on the front lines. Wouldn’t we offer a weary and footsore Jesus our help?
    Our family’s idea has been to put a jar by the door-whenever we go somewhere, we are putting the same amount of gas money in the jar. Not only are we becoming aware of how many trips we make and for what,(reminding us that the Betor’s don’t have this option)we are beginning to separate our “needs” from our “wants”,sharing our rides,and are much more appreciative of what we have. A valuable lesson for all. Win/Win!
    Can anyone else use a jar?

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