New Children in the RC

This is Marlene.  She is 5 years old and weighs 14 pounds.   Five years old and 14 pounds.  She has four living siblings and one that has died of diar.  She is very sick and malnourished.


 Celinta is three months old and weighs 8 pounds.  He mother was out in the gardens planting and fell over and died.  He father needs to continue working to provide food for the other children in the family.  She will be with us for several months.

 This is Rose-Ester.  She is 21 months old and weighs 17 pounds.  She has kwashiorkor.  She has two living siblings and one that has died.

This is Jeanne.  She is almost three years old and weighs 21 pounds.  She has kwashiorkor.  She has three siblings that are alive.  She has SIX siblings that has died over the years.  Several have died from kwashiorkor and the other of fever and diar.

This is Fednelson.  He is 16 months old and weighs 22 pounds.  Dad not in the picture and mom died last year.  His aunt (in the picture) had been trying to take care of him.  This is his first time with kwashiorkor. 

This is Carlens.  He is 3 months old and weighs 8 pounds.  He has a huge, huge, huge abcess on the back of his head.  It has left a large hole down to his skull.  He needs daily dressing changes.  he mother lives about 1 hour away and wanted to leave him here to get daily dressing changes.


7 Responses to New Children in the RC

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  2. Rob says:

    That little Marlene breaks my heart. 5 years old and 14 pounds! What is wrong with this picture?!! How sad. I pray she starts eating and will do okay. May God bless her and the others you have taken in this week. Wow, you have your hands full, but what a wonderful thing you are doing! May God bless you and all the ladies that care for these sweet kids!

  3. jg says:

    The work you guys do continue to amaze me. Thank you for being there to help those in need. What beautiful children, in such sad situation. Lord, make a way!

  4. kathy says:

    My haitian sensations just turned five and they weighed 40 lbs each when they came home in January and now weigh 45/47 lbs!!! God bless her.

  5. liz says:

    praying for all these sweet babies. and for all of you who serve at RHFH.
    thank you for taking these children in, feeding them and loving them.
    thank you. thank you. thank you.
    words aren’t enough…

  6. lise says:

    This brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for all that you do for these children and their families. I cannot wait to meet you! See you soon.

  7. Bekki says:

    Holding Marlene in our hearts as we once held her in our arms. Such a sweet spirit. Praying for all the kids – God is good, all the time. Even when He seems far away.

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