This is Rose-Nadine.   She is a patient from the US Comfort Ship.  The US Comfort came to Haiti shortly after the earthquake.  They helped many, many, many people all over Haiti.  There were many organization that stepped up and took in patients to recover after the Comfort ship left Haiti.  RHFH,  specifically, Charlie and Lori have been housing many people in their home.  They are living in their guest bedroom, living room, kitchen and front yard in tents.  Many of these patients are close to being healed.  It is time to send them back home.  But many do not have a home.  I am going to be putting several of these families needs before you in the coming weeks.  We need your help, they need your help, to be able to restart their lives after a great tragedy they have all went through.

Rose-Nadine is the oldest of three children and the only girl.  The family is from a town called Leogane.  The mother, Rose, moved into Port-au-Prince with Rose-Nadine.  She rented a two room house.  She had a small business, where she cooked food to sell, in one room and her and Rose-Nadine lived in the other room.  The two younger children stayed in Leogane with an aunt.  Rose would travel back and forth as she made money  to support the younger kids.  Rose-Nadine had just arrived home from school the day of the earthquake and her mom was taking a bath.  The ground began to shake and they ran down a walkway by their house.  The walls of the walkway fell on them.  It broke Rose-Nadine’s leg.  Her mother ran with her to several places and could not find any help.  She was still without clothing running with her daughter to try to get help for her broken leg.  She got to General Hospital.  She tried for hours to get inside.  She finally was able to get in and they layed Rose-Nadine in a supply room full of oxygen tanks. Every room and hallway were full of people.  Someone started a IV for her and left.  There was an aftershock and all the tanks fell over and were hissing.  Rose got Rose-Nadine and ran outside with her.  Several building at General hospital fell that day.  Everyone was laying out in the open streets. She found a bare place and layed Rose-Nadine there.  She held the IV bag for her, still with no clothing throughout the night.  There were people laying everywhere sick and dying all around them.  A lady walked by and had two skirts on and gave Rose one to cover herself.  After several days of laying in the streets the US military came to General hospital.  They took Rose-Nadine to the Comfort ship.  Rose was unable to go with her daughter.  She returned to her other family and waiting and waiting to here from Rose-Nadine.  I cannot imagine what Rose must have been feeling.  She gave and entrusted her daughter to US military to take to a ship and was not able to go with her daughter to comfort her and take care of her.  She had no way to contact her or find out if she was okay.  Then little Rose-Nadine being taken away from her mom so her leg could be saved.  She had to go  on a huge ship without anyone she knew for several days.  She woke up from surgery to have pins sticking out of her legs.  It was very traumatic for them both.  Rose-Nadine had remember her mom ‘s phone number and that is how we found her once Rose-Nadine was released to us.  Rose has lived here with Rose-Nadine and one of her younger brothers for several months now. 

Rose, Rose-Nadine and her family are wanting to be together now.  They are wanting to restart their lives.

RHFH is rebuilding their home.  We have raised $2440.00 for this project so far.  We still need to raise $3560.00.  Project total of $6000.00 .  If you are interested you can write to or for more information.  We greatly appreciate every one of you that has a desire to help out.  Together, one by one we can make a difference.


4 Responses to Rose-Nadine

  1. Kristie says:

    Bonswa Licia,
    Manmi mwen pral ekri ou. Li te di’m li kwe yo ka ede moun sa yo. M’ap priye.

  2. Dee Pring says:

    Lori and Charles are “standing in the gap” for so many families! They have their own tent city in their front yard! Licia, just want to thank all of you for allowing our family to be involved in finding a place to stay for Nadiege, Yolande,and children. We are finding this experience has enriched us as much, if not more, than the people we are helping. Priority has become our new by-word. We (choose) to do without the things we DON’T need in order to put the money in our “Haiti Jar”. The children are (choosing) to forgo many little luxuries-ice cream, movies, eating out, etc, so that we can put that amount in the jar for Nadiege and Yolande’s children’s clothes,food,beds& blankets, etc. The learning and sensitizing of our souls is on a steep learning curve! Our kids will never forget these lessons in love. We urge other families who want to learn true values to contact RHFH-they will never be the same.

  3. Roberta says:

    Meeting Rose-Nadine and her mom in April were definitely one of the highlights of our week in Haiti. Both of them are so sweet and I know they will be SO blessed by all that is given to them to help with having their own home. I hope many people feel led to help and we can all rejoice when we see them in their new HOME someday!!! 🙂

  4. […] forget about the post on Rose-Nadine here.  We are still at the same amount with no new donationsthat have come […]

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